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Recent Research

Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Patterns Among Beneficiaries With Multiple Chronic Conditions
Journal of the American Medical Association

Professor Wendy Xu's study in the Journal of the American Medical Association examines the behavior of Medicare Advantage enrollees with chronic conditions. 

Excess Emissions: Environmental Impacts, Health Effects, and Policy Debate
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy

Alex Hollingsworth studies the need for emissions data reporting to enable creation and implementation of effective regulatory frameworks.

Student Achievement and Learning Acceleration in Ohio

Vladimir Kogan examines student performance on the spring 2023 Ohio State Tests.

Introduction to Governance, Government and Public Administration

An accessible, student-friendly introduction to governance, government and public administration

The Environmental State: Nature and the Politics of Environmental Protection
Sociological Theory

Assistant Professor Christopher Rea defines the environmental state and theorizes two structuring forces central to its provision of environmental welfare. 

Cost Analysis and Cost Effectiveness of a Subsidized Community Supported Agriculture Intervention for Low-Income Families
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

Professor Jennifer Garner and colleagues study the cost of implementing and participating in a multi-component subsidized community supported agriculture intervention and calculate cost-effectiveness based on diet and food security impacts.

Police station design and intrusive police encounters: untangling variations in emotions and behaviourally-relevant perceptions across racial groups
Policing and Society

Assistant Professor Victor St. John studies police station design as a strategy to improve police-community relationships.

Avid, Averse, Apprehensive, or Apathetic? A Typology of Collaboration Attitudes
Nonprofit Management and Leadership

Long Tran's publication identifies four major types of attitudes toward collaboration opportunities: Avid, Averse, Apprehensive, and Apathetic.