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Student Stories

Students at the Glenn College are passionate about leading change. With passion for social justice and civic engagement, they have the desire to take on pressing policy problems facing society today, and make the world a better place. 

Read about our impressive students, and how Glenn College programs are helping them turn their passion into policy.

Andrew Pierce – Combined BS/MPA Student

Andrew Pierce II is pursuing a combined Bachelor of Science in Public Policy Analysis, specializing in nonprofit management, and a master’s degree in public administration from the Glenn College.

Sam Feudo - BS Pre-med

Sam Feudo is an honors, pre-med student working toward his Bachelor of Science in Public Policy Analysis at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs. Feudo is pursuing a minor in global public health and is passionate about equitable, high-quality health care for all. He is also the founder and host of the Understanding Healthcare with Sam Feudo podcast.

Kyla Hurns - BA with a specialization in education policy

Kyla Hurns is an honors student and Morrill Scholar pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Public Management, Leadership and Policy with a specialization in education policy.