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Open the door for the next generation of public servants. 
The Ohio State University and the John Glenn College provide exceptional students with the opportunity to live, learn and intern in the nation's capital. These Buckeyes are passionate about public service and ready to join your team.

It's hard to find good talent. It's harder to find passionate, enthusiastic leaders who are committed to serving the public interest.

Leverage Ohio State's Master of Public Administration Washington, D.C., (MPA-DC) program to find the best fit for your team. We will help you select from students with diverse talents, backgrounds and skills.

Our team in D.C. will be your partner throughout your hire’s employment.

MPA students bring a diverse set of skills through their graduate training and prior work experience.

Coursework provides practical skills in public policy, budgeting, economics, statistics, program evaluation, public management, federal policymaking and more, based on tailored electives.


The Glenn College office in Washington is your partner throughout employment. Support of internship partners and students includes:

  • Collaboration with partners to find, place and onboard students with skills that align with employer needs.
  • Professional development, networking and mentoring for career readiness.
  • Creation and management of the internship work plan.
  • Regular checkpoints to ensure the placement is meeting expectations.
  • Creation of tailored capstone project: MPA students work collaboratively with internship partners and faculty to design a special project that is beneficial to the organization.

Successful partnerships fulfill goals for the organization and the student, while meeting program requirements.

Partners provide:

  • Substantive, mission-focused work, appropriate for a graduate student.
  • Exposure to key stakeholders and the public policy/management process.
  • Opportunities for professional development and networking.
  • Collaboration with students as they align their graduate capstone with the needs of the office.
  • Flexibility to honor the academic schedule and accommodate interns Monday-Thursday, approximately 32 hours each week. Fridays are reserved for coursework and other programmatic activities.

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