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Certificate in Federal Policy and Management

Lead and influence change at the national level.

The Federal Policy and Management graduate certificate combines work experience with new knowledge about leading in federal sector institutions. Learn from public management experts about how federal policy is created and implemented, how to manage public organizations and how to innovate in the interest of your country's citizens. 

The certificate can be completed 100% online, or can be combined with a D.C.-based internship to provide federal government work experience. The internship component is flexible and can be waived based on relevant, preexisting work experience or current job. 

Learn how to work effectively within the dynamic federal policy environment.



The Federal Policy and Management Certificate should be considered by those who are interested in a career within federal-sector organizations or corporations that often do business with the federal government. The curriculum also provides in-depth training for those already working within these organizations, who may want to accelerate their path to leadership or deepen their knowledge about navigating the federal landscape.

Students already enrolled in a graduate program at The Ohio State University can complete this certificate or the minor. Graduate students studying business, public health, engineering, law or social work, among other programs, should strongly consider this certificate as a tool for your success.

Glenn College students can complete the embedded certificate. Please contact your advisor for details.


The 12 credit-hour program prepares you for employment or promotion within the federal sector through academic coursework and professional development.


Choose one course based on your preference.

  • PUBAFRS 6000: Public Policy Formulation and Implementation, 4 credit hours, Online
  • PUBAFRS 6050: Managing Public Sector Organizations, 4 credit hours, Online
  • PUBAFRS 5620: Rapid Innovation for Public Impact, 4 credit hours, In-Person
  • PUBAFRS 6060: Managing Human Resources in Public Organizations, 4 credit hours, Online

Skills Courses

These courses are required, one credit hour and offered online.

  • PUBAFRS 5545: Make a Difference in Washington
  • PUBAFRS 6530: Negotiation

Core Coursework: Federal Policy and Management

These courses are required, 3 credit hours and offered online.

  • PUBAFRS 7600: Federal Policy and Administration
  • PUBAFRS 7610: Follow the Money: Making Sense of the Federal Budget

Internship Component

The D.C.-based internship component (20-30 hours per week) can build your resume, connect you with important Washington contacts, and serve as a foot-in-the-door for those starting their career in the federal sector. 

Internships may be waived for students based on relevant pre-existing experience or current job placement. 

Questions about the internship? Contact the D.C. team.


Learn more about the Certificate in Federal Policy and Management.

Once you have gathered your application components listed below, click here to apply. 

Application Requirements

  • Application form
  • Transcripts
  • Resume
  • Personal statement about how the certificate advances your professional goals and why you want to participate


Shortly after application submission, candidates may be asked to interview with a member of the Glenn College’s D.C. office. The objective of the interview is to better understand candidates’ interest and ensure their professional goals are aligned with the structure of the certificate program. 

Admission assessment will review: 

  • Can the candidate succeed in coursework required? This criterion is assessed based on GPA and academic record.
  • Does the candidate demonstrate strong interest in federal policy and management as a complement to their field of expertise and/or career in the federal government? This criterion is assessed based on responses to essays and the interview.

Students must have earned a bachelor's or advanced degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

International students are recommended to score at least a 100 in the TOEFL iBT. Please note: certificate credit hours may hinder Visa status. Ohio State's International Eligibility Information.

To receive the certificate, students must achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Only grades "A" through "C-", as well as "S", will count toward certificate completion.

The Glenn College invests in academic programming and in-residence support for students in Washington. We have staff working full-time in Washington at the Hall of the States near the U.S. Capitol to provide students, and our partners, with comprehensive on-the-ground support.

In addition to having the support of a D.C.-based team, participants can engage with Ohio State alumni and in the greater D.C. community through organized programming and events. Students will be provided with opportunity to build their networks and connect with mentors in their chosen field.

You may also be matched with an alumni mentor. Mentors provide an added layer of support and help to connect students, broaden your professional network, enhance your classroom experience and prepare for the job search process.