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Apply your knowledge to the federal policy environment. The minor in Federal Policy and Management is an immersive Washington, D.C., experience offering experience working within the federal government.

Learn the dynamics of the federal policy environment and apply it to your area of expertise.

Live in Washington for a summer while preparing for employment within the federal sector through academic coursework, professional development and a required internship component.

Coursework prepares students to navigate the dynamics of the federal policy environment and inner workings of Washington, D.C. 

Many graduate students are interested in a Washington career but face difficulty navigating the job market from Columbus. FEDPM provides the pathway for students to gain professional experience in D.C. and exposure to public policy and management, which will complement their unique competencies.

The Graduate Minor in Federal Policy and Management is designed for students interested in living, learning and working in the nation’s capital. Students will complete pre-departure coursework in Columbus or online, and are required to be in-person in Washington for their internship and summer semester.


Curriculum provides professional experience in Washington, D.C., and exposure to public policy and management that complements your unique skills and goals.

13 Credit Hours


Prepare for the Washington semester.

Choose one course based on your preference.

  • PUBAFRS 6000: Public Policy Implementation and Formulation
  • PUBAFRS 6050: Managing Public Organizations
  • PUBAFRS 5620: Rapid Innovation for Public Impact

Hybrid, online or in-person instruction, four credit hours

PUBAFRS 6540: Professional Competencies for Post-Graduate Life

Learn how to navigate a job search and secure an internship in Washington, D.C.

Online course, one credit hour

Washington Experience

PUBAFRS 5545: Make a Difference in Washington

Understand the inner workings of Washington, D.C., and unique features of the city’s power centers.

Online course, one credit hour

Washington Semester
PUBAFRS 6545: Washington Navigator

Mentorship, networking and professional coaching will support you as you plan your career. 

In-person course, one credit hour

Washington Semester

Federal Policy and Management

PUBAFRS 7600: Federal Policy and Administration

Build foundational knowledge in federal institutions, federal bureaucracy, and the formulation and implementation of federal policy.

In-person course, three credit hours

Washington Semester
PUBAFRS 7610: Follow the Money: Making Sense of the Federal Budget

Understand the role and importance of the federal budget in politics, policy and management.

Online course, three credit hours


Washington Semester


We work with you to find an internship in D.C. that advances your career goals. Your internship is a program requirement but is not credit-earning.

Students work approximately 20-30 hours per week.


Washington Semester

Learn more about the graduate minor in Federal Policy and Management.

Students enrolled in an Ohio State graduate program outside of the Glenn College with a GPA of 3.0 or higher can add the minor.

Students must attain a grade of B or better in each course to earn the minor.

    Once you have gathered your application components listed below, apply for the program here.

    Your application must include: 

    • Transcripts
    • Resume
    • Personal statement about how the certificate advances your professional goals and why you want to participate


    Shortly after application submission, candidates may be asked to interview with a member of the Glenn College’s D.C. Office. The objective of the interview is to better understand candidates’ interest and ensure their professional goals are aligned with the structure of the minor. 

    Candidates will be assessed on their academic ability and demonstrated interest:

    • Can the candidate succeed in the required coursework? This criterion is assessed based on GPA and academic record.
    • Does the candidate demonstrate strong interest in federal policy and management as a complement to their field of expertise and/or career in the federal government? This criterion is assessed based on responses to essays and the interview.

    While participants are ultimately responsible for securing their internship placement, they are provided a significant level of support in the process. As part of the minor requirements, students will take Public Affairs 6540: Professional Competencies for Post-Graduate Life, a foundational course that connects students to information, resources, alumni and career development.

    Students are encouraged to find placements in federal agencies. Congressional offices, committees and think tanks are also potential internship sites.

    Paid Placements:

    The Glenn College expects graduate and professional students to secure paid internships, but this is a matter of personal circumstance. Students might be able to use external funding, should that be available to them through their respective department or other sources.


    Students will secure housing in Washington on their own; however, Glenn College staff can share resources to support the housing search. Washington offers a wide range of short-term housing options for a variety of needs.

    The Glenn College invests in academic programming and in-residence support for students. Three faculty and staff work full-time in Washington to provide students, and our partners, with comprehensive on-the-ground support.

    In addition to having the support of a D.C.-based team, participants will engage with Ohio State alumni and in the greater D.C. community through organized programming and events. Students will be provided structured ways to build their networks and connect with mentors in their chosen field.

    Participants will also be matched with an alumni mentor. Mentors provide an added layer of support, and the program is designed to connect students to a more experienced alum who can help students broaden their professional networks, enhance their classroom experience and prepare for the job search process.


    Want to know more?

    Please make an appointment with our D.C. team to discuss our programs, student benefits and the application process.

    D.C. Office Support Team

    The Glenn College has a dedicated team in Washington to support you through your experience in D.C.

    We will help you find an internship opportunity that fits your passions and skills while coaching you through the placement process. To prepare you for your time in D.C., we will match you with an alumni mentor who will help guide you through your internship.