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Meet Abby Ordillas

Master of Public Administration DC Student 

I am passionate about education equity.

I chose to pursue an MPA at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs to shape wiser education policy.

When I think about the importance of public policy, I think of the brilliant students who I taught as an elementary school teacher. The COVID-19 pandemic has only highlighted and exacerbated long-standing inequities across education, race, and class worldwide. Educators like me require cooperation across diverse fields to set future global leaders up for success. As a global citizen, I am responsible for fostering partnerships and spearheading this positive change, even if it takes generations to come to fruition.

The MPA program has accelerated my growth in three major ways: innovation, partnerships, and systems leadership. I am grateful for the opportunities to learn from enthusiastic scholars who are innovating public policy and education. OSU’s internship and volunteer partnerships, like with Columbus Refugee & Immigration Services (CRIS), help me to give back to my community, reinforce my public service education, and stay connected to teaching. Finally, I feel inspired by my classmates. I am confident that our interactions -- whether discussing policy consequences in class, studying together, or just chatting about our dreams to make the world better -- are shaping us as current and future policy leaders.

Following graduation, I envision myself working to ensure that education opportunities are equitable and accessible for all students, especially students who come from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. I aim to translate the lessons that I learn in my MPA into effective national-level policies so that we can provide all students the quality, equitable education that they deserve. As a daughter of Filipino immigrants who believed in the power of education, I inherited wisdom and courage to work towards a more compassionate, just future. I honor my heritage and future generations by fighting for the quality, equitable education that all students deserve.

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