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Meet Alan Mathew

Bachelor of Public Policy Analysis Student

I am passionate about changing the harmful structures that lead to societal inequity.

When changing social inequity is your goal, it’s hard to know where to start. The Glenn College changed that for me. Working with students and professors who work diligently to tackle these issues has helped me develop in ways that I couldn’t have foreseen.

I wanted to come to a place where learning, engagement, and diversity of approaches were priorities. At the Glenn College, I’ve found a curriculum that encourages my growth, a group of engaged scholars who don’t shy away from problems, and a number of professional opportunities oriented toward skill development and public service.

I chose the Glenn College because I hoped that it would give me the knowledge and strength to positively change harmful structures in our society.

During my first year, I took on a part-time job at the college organizing research presentations. I’ve sat in the front row as economists, sociologists, management scholars, and others have shared how they’ve approached and studied the various issues of our time. Soon after, I began working as a Research Assistant for Dr. Stephanie Moulton, a professor working at the intersection of multiple fields in a way that inspired me.

I’ve deepened my knowledge about the racial homeownership gap, disparities in housing and wealth, and financial inclusion. Thanks to Dr. Moulton’s incredible mentorship and support, I see a more concrete and data-driven path to approaching social inequities through public and consumer finance. Because of Glenn’s advising staff and its programs, I’ve taken that passion further through the Ohio Government Internship Program. Interning with the Columbus City Auditor —who herself teaches as a Glenn instructor— has been a life and career-changing experience.

Many of the specific ways I’ve grown in the past two years have been a product of the Glenn community and the environment it has fostered. As a student of public policy and economics, there’s a reason I constantly find myself in Page Hall — attending its events, connecting with its advisors, and making friends with the people who call it their home on campus.

As I continue the next two years of my undergraduate journey, I’ll further explore the interests I’m starting to specialize in. The people-centered nature of my passions will keep taking me back to Glenn. Because of its values and its numerous opportunities for multifaceted growth, I'm proud to be here.

Alan Mathew is a Morrill Scholar studying public policy analysis and economics. He is a student assistant at the Glenn College where he coordinates the Glenn Research Colloquium series.                                 


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