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Meet Kyla Hurns

BA with a specialization in education policy

I am passionate about educational equity for students nationwide.

Each child deserves the opportunity to succeed. But after attending both public and private schools during my K-12 career, I understand the inequities that disproportionately impact students of all races, religions and ethnicities.

In high school, I spent four years working at the Kumon Math and Reading Center, where I was able to gain a better understanding of the issues facing students each and every day — large classroom sizes, teacher shortages, school safety, lack of technology. I was learning about the problems firsthand, and beginning to understand them from the perspective of the people directly impacted. I knew then that thinking about the world’s problems, or reading about them from a report, is not enough. We must intimately understand the people that the problems affect.

At the Glenn College, I am studying public management, leadership and policy, with a specialization in education policy. I chose this path because it will help me prepare for a career in education policy that is centered around pushing for education reform that will result in educational equity for students nationwide. I hope to work in the Department of Education or an education nonprofit after graduation.


Kyla Hurns is an honors student and Morrill Scholar pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Public Management, Leadership and Policy with a specialization in education policy.


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