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Meet Dylan Page

Master of Public Administration Student

I am passionate about civic engagement and redemocratization, environmental justice, energy and national security, and liberal internationalism.

I cannot begin to tell students how lucky we are to have the Glenn College here at The Ohio State University. I know for a fact that I would not be where I am today without the experiences and connections I made through its doors.

During my sophomore year as an undergraduate, I decided to become a dual major between political science and public policy analysis. In doing so, I was able to expand the horizon of my future and degree potential. To accomplish my goals, I knew I needed a degree centered around the application and analysis of policy.

I am committed to doing what it takes to put America on the right path, and this commitment results in my worldviews of liberal internationalism and redemocratization. I believe, as a liberal democracy, the United States has an ethical responsibility to strip oppression and tyranny from the world when human life and dignity are threatened or taken. Everyone deserves to experience the freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard partly because of this view. I believe Americans should seek out ways in which they can make a sacrifice within their lives to serve their country, and world. Personally, I am also a proponent of re-instating a civic/military service draft. Not only would it reflect a recommitment to the ideals of our founding but offer an apolitical way to strengthen civic engagement, depolarize the country through a shared service, and increase national cohesion on domestic issues. Now, as an Intelligence Cadet in the Ohio Army National Guard with HHD 437th MP Battalion and the Buckeye Battalion, I see this need more than ever.

Understanding the setback it can be to one’s life and family, I began drafting the idea of expanding the Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program to better suit the needs of the Ohio National Guard and secure recruitment and retention matriculation. I am proud of the work we have done thus far, and we will have a bill on the General Assembly floor in 2023. As drafted, the Ohio National Guard Higher Education Promise Act will create the most expansive and rewarding educational incentives of any National Guard in the country by wholeheartedly investing in the futures of our Ohio Guardsmen and women. I believe everyone has the capacity to serve their country, and that that ideal should be infused into our national identity. I support providing the most robust and expansive benefits to those who take up the call of defending our great country.

At a political fundraiser this fall, I was asked why I was so adamant about going into politics over a successful career in the private sector or non-profit realm. Simply, I know if I don’t do everything possible to achieve the goals I have set, humans will suffer from my deficiency; a Soldier never accepts defeat, a Soldier never quits. Politics is what will allow me to do the most good with the largest means possible, and after we’re done the world will be a safer, more equitable, and freer place.

In the not-too-distant future, voters in the Central Ohio area will have the opportunity to vote for me. I plan to start in local government and wish to progress into federal politics. Depending on my career, I wish to complete a full twenty years of service with the U.S. Army and attempt to retire as a General. If afforded the opportunity, I would work full-time at the Pentagon within the National Guard Bureau or at Fort Knox, KY within Recruiting Command.


Dylan L. Page is currently pursuing a dual Master of Public Administration and Master of Applied Economics (College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences). He is an alumnus of the College of Arts and Sciences and John Glenn College of Public Affairs, majoring in political science and public policy analysis, graduating with Honors, minors in economics, history, classics: Greek civilization, and latin honors of magna cum laude. He attended Army Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO where he was awarded the Army Achievement Medal for his meritorious service and achievement in training. He graduated MOS-qualified as an 88M (Motor Transport Operator) and contracted with the Ohio State University Army ROTC as a SMP Cadet in August of 2022. Upon completion of his Master’s degrees in August 2024, Page will commission as an Intelligence Officer in the Ohio Army National Guard and will attend Basic Officer Leadership Course at Fort Huachuca, AZ in the autumn of 2024. He plans to take a gap year within that period to complete Army Airborne and Ranger schools before returning to Ohio State for law school in the autumn of 2025. He serves as one of our College’s Graduate Ambassadors, a delegate on the Council of Graduate Students, a Major Lawrence Miller Military Community Advocate, and political liaison for State Senator William P. DeMora.

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