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Meet Courtney Moore

Master of Public Administration Student

I am passionate about serving communities, understanding their unique needs and working together for fair and just decision-making.

When someone asked me why I wanted to pursue a degree at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, I said that I wanted to inspire citizenship! The programs mission is about equipping students with the skills to become tomorrow’s citizens-leaders and public service professionals, which aligns perfectly with my interests and career goals.

Before starting my program, I graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelors degree in international studies, specializing in East Asian Studies. During my undergraduate studies, I enjoyed challenging myself to learn more about diverse cultures and socioeconomic factors that affect them. I also developed a new passion for languages and decided to learn Korean for its intriguing dialect and culture.

While I initially intended to focus on Korea, I was grateful to gain experience with under-represented populations. Hearing their stories on migration and complex and ineffective experiences made me want to find solutions within the government sector and address issues like fair immigration laws, proper healthcare plans, and fundamental human rights. It was then that I realized I wanted to serve all communities. I am driven to make a difference by understanding the unique needs of diverse communities and working towards fair and just decision-making. Through my research and learning, I aim to break cultural barriers and implement programs that prioritize the well-being of minority populations. Together, we can change the narrative and create a more inclusive and equitable world.

It is amazing how anyone, whether in government, nonprofits, or communities, can inspire others. As someone who dreams of serving in foreign service and policy, I believe that achieving goals that help broader communities is essential. I strive to have excellent skills in written and oral literacy and effectively communicate in various professional settings. I also want to be fully prepared and capable of working in the field with creativity, finding objectives and solutions in new ways. It is important to me to display professional conduct and serve as an example of integrity to colleagues, peers, and members of various communities. I actively cultivate an understanding of the global scope of international affairs through a professional perspective.

This program has helped me attain knowledgeable skills, and I have gained more experience outside of the classroom. However, public administration has allowed me to develop a leadership distinction within my discipline and a sense of social responsibility to bring into my future profession and community.

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