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Meet Sam Feudo

BS – Pre-med

I am passionate about making care more affordable, accessible and high quality for all.

I chose the Glenn College because of the tight-knit community of students, faculty and staff who are so supportive and passionate about making real change in the world through public service.

Health care and public policy touch all of us. In urban and rural communities, people young and old and across the socioeconomic spectrum are affected by drug costs, insurance coverage, health services, and many other aspects of the health care system. The Glenn College’s Bachelor of Science in Public Policy Analysis is compatible with my pre-med track. The courses align with my interests and emphasize skills that can be used to assess the impact of health policy and administration, and to translate patient care and improved health outcomes to policy that makes positive change.

I first became interested in medicine after my fourth-grade career day, where I was able to hear from an anesthesiologist. At the time, I only thought about medicine as the interaction between doctor and patient. In the subsequent years, I was able to engage with healthcare leaders, particularly at University Hospitals of Cleveland, who solidified my interest in health administration and expanded my perspective of the healthcare system.

At Ohio State, there are so many resources and opportunities available for students to take advantage of. From when I first stepped on campus to today, I have been able to gain unique and invaluable experiences combining my passions for public service and health care. All the while, I’ve continued to engage with leaders in health care to better understand other perspectives and the issues we face so that I can more effectively create solutions in the future.

A degree from the John Glenn College will give me the opportunity to help address issues we’re facing today and in the future, such as closing the insurance gap and prioritizing health equity so that everyone, regardless of income level or zip code, can live a healthy and enjoyable life.


Sam Feudo is an honors, pre-med student working toward his Bachelor of Science in Public Policy Analysis at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

Feudo is pursuing a minor in global public health and is passionate about equitable, high-quality health care for all. He is also the founder and host of the Understanding Healthcare with Sam Feudo podcast.

Understanding Healthcare with Sam Feudo: Healthcare is constantly evolving, from the way we develop lifesaving treatments to how care is delivered. There's no better example of this than during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to make our healthcare system more affordable, accessible, and high-quality for all, it is important to better understand how the system currently works and can be improved in addition to new ideas to promote our own health and wellbeing. In the Understanding Healthcare podcast, Sam Feudo speaks with leaders in academia, business, and government about the most important healthcare issues of our time.

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