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Meet Grant Plummer

Bachelor of Science in Public Policy Analysis Student

I am passionate about economic development and giving underserved areas the tools to make sustainable growth.

Growing up in a small town in Southeastern Ohio, I often heard from friends and neighbors who were increasingly concerned about the Appalachian region continually being forgotten. My hometown of Wellston and many small towns like it faced poverty, joblessness, and drug crises stemming from manufacturing declines and loss of industry in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This economic downturn resulted in Wellston becoming a place with plenty of opportunity, but only some people ready or able to implement a vision to rebuild. 

Fortunately, starting in elementary school, I connected with several inspiring adults who encouraged me to join them in their community improvement efforts. This successful volunteer work included pursuing millions of dollars in community grant projects, managing a nonprofit organization to improve parks and recreation activities, and working alongside city government to implement housing code changes. These rewarding experiences all showed me that a career helping my neighbors through work in the public sector was my calling.

I chose to study at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs because of the skills I learn to present complex problems and develop solutions. The unique B.S. curriculum focuses on analyzing data, presenting information effectively, and learning about problems inside and out to best understand how to solve an issue. My Glenn College education gives me valuable writing, research, facilitation, and presentation techniques to generate the details about problems that matter most. Combined with my dual degree in Finance from the Fisher College of Business, plus a minor in Economics, I am confident in my ability to scrutinize budgets, construct logical operational plans, and explore solutions to problems in unconventional ways. 

My Glenn College skills have already proven useful. As a Constituent Aide for Ohio House Speaker Jason Stephens, who represents Wellston, I educate people in all positions from across the state about the problems those from Southeastern Ohio face each day. Helping solve some of the area’s most profound problems at the state level has been incredibly enriching. My experience with the House as an undergraduate student has highlighted the utility of my Glenn College degree and its incredible power to improve circumstances for those in need. 

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