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Meet Kalyn Mullens

I am the Glenn College representative in the Undergraduate Student Government (USG).

In my role as the Public Affairs senator, I function as a dedicated advocate for the policy concerns and preferences of the undergraduate student body at the Glenn College. I play an active role in the process of formulating and presenting resolutions that directly address the specific needs and desires of Glenn College students.

I am a third year student double majoring in Public Management, Leadership and Policy and Finance

A significant factor that influenced my choice of OSU was a fellow student's advice: "You can make a big campus small, but you can't make a small campus big." This insight inspired me to do my part in assuring that students did not feel like only a number at OSU. With a passion for policy and admiration of the tight-knit community within the Glenn College, I was eager to run for senate and amplify the zealous voices of my like-minded peers.

Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI
Hobbies: I love taking pictures and documenting my life with my loved ones.
Goals after graduation: I want to obtain a dual MBA and JD degree to become a versatile professional who can excel in both business and law.

I can help by turning your concerns into policy change.

My commitment is to craft policies that address student concerns and enact positive changes within our college. I am devoted to representing the best interests of our student body and collaborating with the administration to achieve this. My driving belief is that by working together, we can create a campus environment that not only meets our academic needs but also prepares us for success beyond the university.

Get Involved in USG

USG is a wonderful place to meet with like-minded people and work on policy initiatives.