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Meet Gabe Jackson

Master of Public Administration D.C. Student

I am passionate about connecting people in need to important resources.

When asked why I came back to graduate school, I would say I was not content. I was not content with myself, the state of the world, and the fact that individuals were falling through the cracks. I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far, yet my story is far from over.

Due to the pandemic, my time in the Peace Corps ended abruptly, yet I managed to transition to City Year amidst the fray. The coronavirus crisis shines a light on inequalities plaguing our society, and it gave me ample time to think. I realized that I needed to continue to elevate myself to be in a better position to uplift my and other hard-hit communities.

I was offered life-changing opportunities from top programs, yet the MPA-DC program was the one I could not pass up.

The Glenn College connects me with top-tier academics and professionals in their respective fields while allowing me an opportunity to spend my second year in the nation’s capital. I am constantly seeking self-improvement because I know that I am blessed to be here, to accomplish something greater than myself. I am devoted to serving the greater good, and my passion is built around connecting people in need to resources. It is an honor to pay forward John Glenn's legacy once again.

In terms of my future career goals, I see myself being successful in any sector: public, private, or nonprofits. I am currently on the path of becoming a champion in nonprofit work and eventually becoming the mayor of Columbus, Ohio. To best serve my community and the world at large, I need to expand my education and professional experience, maximize my natural talents and channel my unfaltering passion into effective and intentional policy.

Living in Washington, D.C., allows me access to competitive jobs or internships, meaningful connections in fields of interest, and pathways to applicable skills.

The sky's the limit, and I am looking forward to my bright future.

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