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Meet Ryan Doucette

Bachelor of Public Policy Analysis Student

I am passionate about the intersection of education and local economic development.

Growing up in remediation for a speech impediment, all while moving schools regularly with a father in the military, exposed the lack of critical resources in communities across the United States. Empowered to make a difference, I involved myself on a local, state, and federal level to advocate for policies that make our communities a place for all students and their families to succeed.

The Glenn College of Public Affairs allowed me to take what I already knew and had done and apply it to craft meaningful policy and change in my community. By taking courses on a series of critical disciplines in the public sector, like policy analysis and local budgeting, and learning from experienced practitioners in their respective fields, I am well prepared to enter my career in public service.

As an undergraduate student at the Glenn College, I am studying public policy analysis and economics, specializing in education policy. Invested in the intersection between local economic development and educational outcomes, I knew studying both disciplines would allow me to impact policies that equip all students and communities to succeed in and out of the classroom.

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