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Recent Research

The Ohio EdChoice Program’s Impact on School District Enrollments, Finances, and Academics
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Professor Stéphane Lavertu estimates the impact of the EdChoice programs by comparing changes in district outcomes (from before these programs were in place to the 2018–19 school year) between districts that had higher as opposed to lower levels of exposure to them.

The Nexus of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Nonprofit Studies: An Empirical Mapping of Research Topics and Knowledge Integration
Public Administration Review

Assistant Professor Megan LePere-Schloop examines the empirical knowledge integration among public administration (PA), public policy studies (PP), and nonprofit studies (nonprofit), revealing low citation rates between PA/PP and nonprofit journals, and identifies three categories effectively integrating knowledge from these fields.

Work engagement, burnout, and the motivation to serve among law enforcement officers during the COVID-19 pandemic and community protests in the USA
Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice

Russell Hassan investigates changes in officer work engagement and burnout over time and the role of public service motivation in sustaining high work engagement and attenuating burnout.

Economic Impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis: Evidence from Credit and Debt of Older Adults
Journal of Pension Economics & Finance

This study documents the credit outcomes of older adults immediately before and after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

Managing across boundaries for coordinated local and regional food system policy
Food Policy

Professor Jill Clark evaluates the extent to which Know Your Farmer Know Your Food changed the way the USDA implements local and regional food systems policy. 

Historical Roots of Public Administration: Development of the Interaction between Political and Administrative Officeholders
Elgar Encyclopedia of Public Management

Jos Raadschelders looks at the history of public administration and relationship between administrative and political officeholders.

Managing the onset of a new disease in older age: Housing wealth, mortgage borrowing, and medication adherence
Social Science & Medicine

Stephanie Moulton examines the relationship between wealth and health. 

The International Trade of U.S. Organic Agri-Food Products: Export Opportunities, Import Competition and Policy Impacts
Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems

Neal Hooker offers new insights concerning the current status and trends of U.S. organic imports and exports U.S. policies relevant to the international trade of U.S. organic agri-food products are described, characterizing specific products and partners.