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Recent Publications

The Gift of a Lifetime: The Hospital, Modern Medicine, and Mortality
American Economic Review

Alex Hollingsworth explores how access to modern hospitals and medicine affects short-run and long-run mortality. 

For-profit milk in nonprofit cartons? The case of nonprofit charter schools subcontracting with for-profit education management organizations
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

Long Tran and Stéphane Lavertu examine how nonprofit charter schools’ reliance on for-profit operators affects student achievement and attendance

Ohio charter schools after the pandemic: Are their students still learning more than they would in district schools?
School Choice/Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Professor Stéphane Lavertu investigates whether charter schools provide a superior education when compared to the district alternative. Just prior to the pandemic, Fordham research showed that students attending brick-and-mortar charters in Ohio made significantly greater academic progress than their peers attending nearby district schools.

The Courts and the President
Elements in Public and Nonprofit Administration

Charles Wise explores how US Presidents have long issued presidential directives to federal agencies to adopt and implement programs to advance presidential priorities, both pursuant to statutes passed by Congress and outside of them.

An Invisible Impediment to Progress: Perceptions of Racialization in the Nonprofit Sector
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

Greg Wilson's paper in NVSQ challenges race-neutral perceptions of the nonprofit sector by showing how Black-led organizations perceive racialization across key areas central to success: leadership, funding, data, collaboration, and volunteering. 

Mortgage Borrowing and Chronic Disease Outcomes in Older Age: Evidence from Biomarker Data in the Health and Retirement Study
The Journals of Gerontology: Series B

Stephanie Moulton examines the extent to which older adults use home equity to help manage the costs associated with a chronic disease in older age and how such borrowing can affect their ability to manage the disease. 

Managing Forced Migration: Overt and Covert Policies to Limit the Influx of Ukrainian Refugees
World Affairs

Jos Raadschelders studies the reception of Ukrainian migrants in the EU and United States. 

Preference for Group-based Social Hierarchy and the Reluctance to Accept Women as Equals in Law Enforcement
Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory

Jill Davis and Russell Hassan study whether police officers motivated to protect existing social power hierarchies are more likely to resist organizational diversity and hold more negative views about women's suitability for law enforcement.