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Recent Research

Analytical solutions to evaluate the geothermal energy generation potential from sedimentary-basin reservoirs

In this study, Jeff Bielicki and colleagues develop and implement analytical solutions for calculating reservoir impedance, reservoir heat depletion, and wellbore heat loss in sedimentary reservoirs that are laterally extensive, homogeneous, horizontally isotropic and have uniform thickness.

A Thousand Cuts: Cumulative Lead Exposure Reduces Academic Achievement
The Journal of Human Resources

Alex Hollingsworth studies how ambient lead exposure impacts learning in elementary school by leveraging a natural experiment where a large national automotive racing organization switched from leaded to unleaded fuel. 

Methods and lessons for business resilience and recovery surveys
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

Noah Dormady and colleagues address the lack of tailored guidance for conducting business resilience and recovery surveys by collecting and synthesizing instruments and best practices from previous survey efforts. 

A Framework to Centre Justice in Energy Transition Innovations
Nature Energy

As part of an interdisciplinary team of social scientists, Chris Rea offers a framework to help engineers and practitioners center justice in renewable energy transition innovations.

Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Patterns Among Beneficiaries With Multiple Chronic Conditions
Journal of the American Medical Association

Wendy Xu's study in the Journal of the American Medical Association examines the behavior of Medicare Advantage enrollees with chronic conditions. 

Excess Emissions: Environmental Impacts, Health Effects, and Policy Debate
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy

Alex Hollingsworth studies the need for emissions data reporting to enable creation and implementation of effective regulatory frameworks.

The Effects of Administrative Burden on Program Equity and Performance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in a Foreclosure Prevention Program
RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences

Stephanie Moulton's study examines the effects of reforms to reduce administrative burden in a foreclosure prevention program by streamlining the application process and reducing applicant wait times.

Student Achievement and Learning Acceleration in Ohio

Vladimir Kogan examines student performance on the spring 2023 Ohio State Tests.