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Schedule an Advising Appointment

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Step 1:

Login to your account and click the blue "Schedule Appointment" button on your homepage. The button appears at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Step 2:

Select the advising appointment type in the drop-down menu.

Wait a few moments and a second drop-down will appear.

  • If you are a Public Affairs major, choose Public Affairs Major Advising. 
  • Otherwise, click Public Affairs Non-Major Advising.

Choose the reason for your appointment and click "Next".

Step 3:

When prompted, select a location for your appointment.

Then choose a staff person and click "Next".

If you don't have a preference just click "Next" to see the first available appointment.

Step 4:

Select the appointment date and time when you want to have your appointment and click "Next".

Step 5:

Review the appointment details and click the "Confirm Appointment" button.

You should read the Appointment Details for any directions about your appointment.

In the comments section, include any details you are instructed to provide.

You will receive an email reminder 24 hours before your appointment and, if you check the "Send Me a Text" box, a text message to the number provided 2 hours before your appointment.

Step 6:

Review and keep the appointment reminder email.

If you scheduled a virtual appointment, your email confirmation will include the zoom link to your meeting. At the time of your appointment, click the zoom link and follow the instructions in the "Additional Details" box to reach your advisor.