Academic advisors are professionals who assist students with:

  • Course selection and degree planning
  • University policies, procedures, and deadlines
  • Campus resources and success strategies
  • Graduation requirements
  • Petitions and appeals

How to schedule an appointment

Please call 292-9633 to make an appointment. Please remember to call and schedule an appointment in advance, as advisors’ calendars fill up quickly.

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Glenn College Undergraduate Advisors

Chris Adams

Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Services

Whitney Brown

Academic Advisor

Advising Resources and Tools

As a student, you are responsible for knowing important University dates and deadlines regarding registration, fees and more. Although there are many important dates to know, here are a few major deadlines to keep in mind:

Course Additions for Full Semester Classes*

Online “Open” Registration through: 1st Friday
With Instructor Permission: 2nd Friday
By Petition Only: After 2nd Friday

Course Drops/Withdrawals for Full Semester Classes*

Last Day to Drop Online- without a “W”: 4th Friday
Last Day to Withdraw- “W” will appear on transcript: 10th Friday
By Petition Only: After 10th Friday

*Please visit the registrar’s website for a more comprehensive list of dates and deadlines, including May Session, and first or second session courses, as well as important dates related to late fees and refunds.

Students graduating from the Glenn College must submit an application to graduate during the term in which they wish to graduate. Applications must be submitted by the following deadlines:

  • Fall- Apply by November 1
  • Spring- Apply by March 1
  • Summer- Apply by July 1

As a student of Ohio State, there are many campus resources available to make your time in college as seamless as possible.

Advising at OSU - For general questions related to adding/dropping courses, picking up a minor, Degree Audit Reports, transfer credit, transcripts, Carmen and more.

Financial Aid - All questions related to financial aid, scholarships and/or fees should be directed to Student Financial Aid, located in the Student Service Center (SSC).

Counseling and Consultation Services - This center offers a variety of counseling services for students, including individual counseling, group counseling, workshops and more.

Disability Services - This service works with students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services to enable equal access to an education and university life.

Student Advocacy Center - There are many services available through this center, including assisting with academic petitions or grievances, as well as working with students through illnesses or personal crises.

Student Wellness Center - This center empowers students to strive for balance and wellness through a variety of services, such as personal coaching, workshops, and more.

Writing Center - This center offers free help with any stage of the writing process.

Younkin Success Center - Career Counseling and Support Services, the Walter E. Dennis Learning Center, and Counseling and Consultation Services are a few of the services located in this center.

Student Services Center - Located on the corner of Lane and Tuttle, this one-stop-shop houses the registrar, bursar, student financial aid, and more.

David Lincove, the Glenn College’s librarian, maintains a page of Public Affairs Resources.


The following forms are available at the Glenn College Student Services Office, 110 Page Hall

Adding a Course - Course Enrollment Form
This form is needed for late course adds, as well as any course requiring instructor permission.

Withdrawing from a course - Course Enrollment Form
This form is needed for any full-session course drops after the 4th Friday of the term. Please note, this drop will be considered a “withdrawal,” meaning a “W” will appear on permanent academic records.

Term Withdrawals - Term Withdrawal Form
When a student would like to officially withdraw from the University for the term, this form will need to be completed.


If you are interested in submitting any of the following petitions, please see your advisor for the appropriate forms and instructions for submission.

Curriculum Petition - These petitions are used when a student would like to alter curricular requirements- usually this includes injecting a new course for a GE, major or specialization requirement.

Dual Degree Petition - If you would like to add a second degree to your academic plan, a dual degree petition will need to be completed for the Public Affairs major.

Over 18-Hour Petition - Exceeding 18 credit hours in a certain term is not only rigorous, but there are financial ramifications as well. Students seeking to exceed 18 hours must submit a petition, in order for the Glenn College to determine if this is the best course of action.

Personalized Specialization Track Petition - If a student would like to specialize their major coursework in a certain policy or topic area that does not already exist, they can attempt to create a personalized track of their own through this petition process.

Registration Petition - These petitions are used when a student was unable to follow registration deadlines, because of extenuating circumstances. Examples of registration petitions include: late adds, late drops/withdrawals, and retroactive petitions.

Reinstatement Petition - If a student was dismissed from any college at Ohio State, and wishes to return as a Public Affairs major, they can attempt to petition with the Glenn College for reinstatement.

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