Women, Gender, and Public Policy

What is the role of woman voices in public life? What are the typical modes for women to engage in leading public affairs? What is the state of gendering in major societal institutions? Most importantly: How do we lead change?

This minor offers students a unique opportunity to study public policy impacting women and to situate feminist perspectives for creating and implementing public policies aimed at improving their lives. Graduates with this minor will be suited to engage careers in public policy that address policy areas disproportionately impacting women’s lives as well as offering them tools to build more inclusive spaces for public engagement of policy.

Science and Engineering in the Public Interest

From regulations to funding, understanding how policy and science interact is a valuable knowledge set. While STEM majors will dive into the technical aspect, the effectiveness of that knowledge can be enhanced with an understanding of policy that can have major impacts on various STEM industries. This minor will give students the knowledge and skills needed to act, innovate, and lead in the public interest.

This minor is a partnership between the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and the Battelle Center at OSU. Courses give students the opportunity to specialize in a particular policy area of interest.

Civic Engagement

At the Glenn College, we're committed to developing leaders and inspiring active citizenship.

This minor allows students to explore various methods of political and community engagement while utilizing participation techniques to solve public policy problems in an experiential setting. Students are introduced to the theories of democratic participation, social equity, and collaborative governance in institutions and broaden their knowledge about public participation in the United States.

Nonprofit Management

Organizations throughout the public and private sectors are interacting and operating with increased overlap — resulting in gained popularity and functionality for the nonprofit sector.

This minor introduces students, outside of the BA program, to the unique benefits and challenges of the nonprofit world. Students have the opportunity to take courses from multiple departments on campus and pursue an internship with a nonprofit organization to gain further understanding of the role nonprofits have in shaping public policy. The Nonprofit Management minor is designed for students with majors outside of the Glenn College (Public Affairs majors should pursue the nonprofit specialization track).

Public Policy

Public policy refers to the actions taken by government entities to solve public problems and the resulting impacts.

This minor introduces students to the study of public policy, policy analysis and the policy-making process—an excellent vehicle for integrating ideas drawn from multiple disciplines around issues of real-world significance. The Public Policy minor is designed for students with majors outside of the Glenn College.

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