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Nonprofit Management Minor

Learn the unique ways nonprofits impact causes important to you. Mission-driven organizations like the American Cancer Society, National Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Make-a-Wish Foundation deliver important social services and provide individuals the opportunity to use their expertise to serve others. 



Courses from multiple departments around campus and an optional internship with a nonprofit organization prepare students to lead nonprofit organizations. Gain deep understanding of the benefits and challenges of the nonprofit world, and the role of nonprofits in providing important services. 

This minor is designed for students outside of the Glenn College. Students pursuing a Glenn College major should choose the nonprofit specialization track.

Take both of these courses

  • PUBAFRS 2150: Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations 
  • PUBAFRS 3140: Nonprofit Management and Governance 

Take two of the following courses.

*Students may only take one 2000-level core course.
Students may also count internship credit from another department with advisor approval

  • *PUBAFRS 2120 Public Service and Civic Engagement 
  • *PUBAFRS 2130 Leadership in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors 
  • PUBAFRS 3150 Fundraising and Philanthropy for Nonprofits 
  • PUBAFRS 5592 Marketing for Public and Nonprofit Organizations 
  • PUBAFRS 5595 Social Enterprise
  • PUBAFRS 4191.01/.02 Public Affairs Internship

Choose one from the following list.

  • PUBAFRS 3110 Education Policy in a Changing World 
  • PUBAFRS 4510 Law and PUBAFRS 
  • PUBAFRS 5591 Lobbying and Government Relations 
  • ACCTMIS 2000 (or 2200) Foundations of Accounting 
  • AFAMAST 2367.07S Literacy Narratives of Black Columbus 
  • AFAMAST 3083 Civil Rights and Black Power Movements 
  • ARTEDUC 3681 Managing Nonprofit Arts Organizations: Balancing Continuity and Change 
  • BUSMHR 3100 (or 3200) Foundations of Management and Human Resources 
  • BUSMHR 5530 Topics in Social Entrepreneurship 
  • COMM 2367 Persuasive Communication 
  • COMM 3333 Crisis Communication 
  • COMLDR 3530 Foundations of Personal & Professional Leadership 
  • COMLDR 3535 Toward Cultural Proficiency Education 
  • COMLDR 5335 Volunteer and Human Resources Management 
  • CSHSPMG 4600 Special Events Planning and Management 
  • ESHESA 2571S Leadership and Community Service 
  • ENGLISH 2367.07S Literacy Narratives of Black Columbus 
  • ENGLISH 3304 Business and Professional Writing 
  • ENGLISH 3597.03 Environmental Citizenship 
  • ENGLISH 4567S Rhetoric and Community Service 
  • ENR 3530 Women, Environment and Development 
  • GEOG 3597.03 Environmental Citizenship 
  • HISTORY 2752 Social Reform Movements in U.S. History  
  • HIST 3083 Civil Rights and Black Power Movements 
  • INTSTDS 2580 Feast or Famine: The Global Business of Food 
  • INTSTDS 3450 Human Rights: An Introduction 
  • PHILOS 2342 Environmental Ethics 
  • PHILOS 2367 Contemporary Social and Moral Problems in the U.S. 
  • POLITSC 4123 Political Crisis and Reform 
  • PSYCH 2311 Psychology of Motivation 
  • SOCWORK 2110 Prevention & Youth Development through Sport, Recreation and Play 
  • SOCIOL 2367.02 Urban Social Problems 
  • SOCIOL 3306 Sociology of Poverty 
  • SOCIOL 3380 Racial and Ethnic Relations in America 
  • SOCIOL 3460 Environmental Justice 
  • WGSST 2305 Gender and Sexuality in Global Perspective 
  • WGSST 3530 Women, Environment and Development 

Glenn College minors help you make a major impact.

Additional Program Detail

Declaring the Minor

  • To add a minor at the Glenn College, contact Steve Fink at
  • The minor coursework must be approved by the Glenn College. Once the minor program is filed in the college office, any changes to coursework must be submitted for approval. 
  • The minor program form must be filed by the time the graduation application is submitted to a college/school counselor.

Credit Hour Requirements and Transfers


  • This program is not required for graduation.
  • A minimum of 15 credit hours are required for completion.
  • A minimum of six credit hours must be at the 3000 level or above.


  • A student is permitted to count up to six total hours of transfer credit and/or credit by examination toward the minor.


  • The minor must be in a different subject than the major.
  • This minor is designed for students outside of the Glenn College. Students pursuing a Glenn College major should choose the nonprofit specialization track.  
  • Each minor completed must contain a minimum of 12 hours distinct from the major and/or additional minors (i.e. minors that require more than 12 credit hours may overlap those hours beyond 12 with the major or with another minor).
  • G.E. overlap is permitted up to six total hours

Requirements for completion

Grade requirements for earning a minor:
  • Minimum C- for a course to be listed on the minor.
  • Minimum 2.00 cumulative point-hour ratio required for the minor.
  • Coursework graded Pass/Non-Pass cannot count on the minor.
  • No more than three credit hours of courses graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory may count toward the minor.