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Prepare for university careers in teaching and research and for senior-level research roles in government, nonprofits and business organizations.

The Glenn College’s selective, research-oriented doctoral program provides a foundation for careers in multidisciplinary research environments and advanced knowledge in fields specific to your interests.

Program Highlights

  • Individualized approach to fit your specific interests
  • Thorough grounding in disciplinary knowledge from fields such as economics, political science and sociology
  • Emphasis on diverse and advanced methodological training, including both quantitative and qualitative approaches
  • Focus on public policy and management solutions to the world’s most pressing public problems

Funded Opportunities

We particularly encourage applicants with research interests that align with funded projects in the following areas:

Economic & Supply-chain Resilience

Advanced survey research to study the effects of supply-chain disruptions on nationally-critical economic sectors.

Energy Economics & Electricity Markets

Data collection and analysis to study the economic and distributional impacts of deregulation of our energy markets.

Housing and Consumer Finance Policy

Interdisciplinary research to analyze large administrative datasets—including individual level credit panel data, mortgage data, and wage data-- to inform questions related to financial equity and inclusion.

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Criminal Justice System

Mixed methods research examining how drug courts influence racial disparities in drug sentencing outcomes.