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Expand your skills to lead in the nonprofit sector.

With growing overlap between the public and private sectors, you need to navigate the benefits and challenges of the nonprofit world. Gain analytical, theoretical and practical knowledge to function effectively and efficiently within nonprofit settings.

Program Highlights

This minor is designed for current Ohio State graduate students who want to learn to work effectively within nonprofit settings to drive change in their communities and organizations.

Learn and apply theories and practices that shape political, organizational, economic and technological environments of nonprofit organizations to maximize impact and efficiency
Analyze nonprofit management dilemmas from a strategic perspective, grounded in an awareness of nonprofit laws, standards and best practices
Function effectively in nonprofit settings and with nonprofit organizations in accordance with the goals and missions of a variety of stakeholders from all sectors


Students take 10 credit hours to complete the graduate minor. One core course and two to three elective courses.

Core Coursework

  • PUBAFRS 7553: Nonprofit Management and Governance (three credits)

Elective Courses

Choose a minimum of two:
  • PUBAFRS 5590: Fundraising and Philanthropy (three credits)
  • PUBAFRS 5592: Marketing for Nonprofit and Public Organizations (three credits)
  • PUBAFRS 6060: Managerial Leadership in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (four credits)
  • PUBAFRS 6080: Concepts and Methods of Program Evaluation (four credits) (prerequisite: PUBAFRS 6070)
  • PUBAFRS 7501: Grant Writing (three credits) (cross-listed, but students must enroll in PUBAFRS 7501 in order to receive credit towards the minor)
  • PUBAFRS 7533: Nonprofit Financial Management (three credits)

Program Details

To apply, you must be an Ohio State University student already enrolled with good standing (3.0 or higher GPA) in a graduate degree program outside of the Glenn College.

International students must have appropriate undergraduate or graduate coursework, or equivalent experience in American Government.

Meet with an advisor:

  • Students are strongly encouraged to work with the Glenn College minor advisor before beginning coursework to ensure appropriate course selection.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their academic goals for the minor with their academic advisor in their home college.

Submit a Minors and Interdisciplinary Specialization form:

  • Visit to access the form.
  • The Graduation Level/Plan/Degree will belong to the student’s home department.
  • Select PPOLMGT-GM – Nonprofit Studies Minor for the “Designation Name.”
  • Include all coursework that fulfills the graduate minor requirements.

Complete 10 hours of graded, graduate-level coursework

  • Minimum of three courses offered by the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, including PUBAFRS 7553: Nonprofit Management and Governance, and two elective courses.
  • Students must receive a grade of B or higher in all minor coursework.
  • All elective coursework must be approved by the John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

Submit a Transcript Designation request:

  • Visit to complete the request after all minor coursework has been completed.
  • In order to have the minor designated on the student’s official transcript, you must complete the Transcript Designation request.

Graduate minors and certificates prepare you to make an impact.