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We value cross-disciplinary learning and collaboration with other departments. A dual degree enables students to complete work on two degrees simultaneously, in less time than it would take to pursue each degree separately. Explore our dual-degree partnerships and admissions processes to find the best fit for you.

How to Apply

Application steps vary based on enrollment status and program. Please view the steps below for more information. 

No need to decide on a dual degree before coming to The Ohio State University. Many students can add a dual degree with the Glenn College after starting a graduate program.

Current Graduate Students Outside of the Glenn College

How to add a dual degree with the John Glenn College of Public Affairs

Request that your home department send a copy of your application file to the Glenn College. Your file should include your original personal statement, resume, transcripts, application and letters of recommendation. Have your home department send these documents to

Send your updated resume and Dual Degree Application form to

This will serve as your new personal statement specifically for the Glenn College, so take your time in crafting your response.

GRE Scores are no longer required for any applicant to a master's level program at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs. Applicants with a GPA that fall below a 3.0 are encouraged to contact the Glenn College for further direction in strengthening their application.

Contact the John Glenn College of Public Affairs once you believe all of your checklist items have been completed. We will not send your file for academic review until you inform us that your application is complete.

Law and Public Affairs

How to become a JD/MA student:

Complete steps one through four from the Current Graduate Student list. All materials should be submitted via email from the student and college office directly.

Submit an online application through the Graduate Admissions Office at Please select the MA - Public Policy and Management Program (PUBADM-MA). DO NOT include attachments to the online application. All material should be submitted using steps one through four from the Current Graduate Student list.

Current Glenn College Graduate Students

How to add a dual degree with another program:

Contact a representative from the other program to gather more information. Please see the contact details listed below for some of our dual degree programs.

Follow any required steps outlined by the other program for admission. Please contact the Glenn College if they require academic documents or if you have additional questions.

Prospective Ohio State Graduate Students

How to enroll in Ohio State as a dual-degree graduate student:

Apply as a graduate student using the Graduate Admission application. Once you are admitted to a Glenn College graduate program, contact the Glenn College to discuss adding another program as a dual degree.

View Graduate Application Process.

Apply as a typical graduate student to the other program utilizing their admission process. If you are interested in applying to two programs simultaneously, you will need to send all application materials for both locations as separate application processes and complete two online applications.

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