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Pitfalls to Avoid in Presenting and Public Speaking

Patrick Donadio believes effective leadership hinges upon clear communication and powerful presentation skills. He zeroes in on eight common presentation mistakes that can poorly affect your credibility. Simply avoiding these pitfalls can transition you from a nervous, bland speaker to a dynamic and impactful communicator. 

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The Leadership Podcast

Supporting public service professionals who want to grow in their careers and nurturing their passion for public service throughout the year

Episode 18: Cultivating Public Service Leadership

In this Leadership Podcast, hear how Andy Wilson, Ohio’s director of public safety, develops a leadership culture.

Episode 17: Leading when Compromise is Crucial

In this Leadership Podcast, Betty Montgomery reminds listeners about the responsibility of public sector leaders to listen to and learn from the people you’re working with and the people impacted by your decisions.

Episode 16: Leading as an Outsider

In this Leadership Podcast, learn how Ellie Valentine builds trust and credibility toward herself and her organization while working for change around the globe. 

Episode 15: Keys to Servant Leadership in the Public Sector

In this Leadership Podcast hear how through his business, RAMA Consulting, and numerous community organizations including the African American Leadership Academy, Mo Wright helps servant leaders become more effective in both life and business.

Episode 14: Building Blocks for a Career in Public Leadership

In this Leadership Podcast, hear how the leadership nuances in persuasion, collaboration, risk tolerance and more give Aftab Pureval, mayor of Cincinnati, the opportunity and platform to improve the lives of Cincinnatians. 

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