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How Can You Nurture High Performers into Effective Leaders?

Identifying and cultivating high performers for leadership roles is essential for organizational success.  And you’re in luck — Specific strategies ensure that you’re doing this well and nurturing leaders who thrive. 


Featured Expert:

Todd Suddeth, PhD

Senior Lecturer, The Ohio State University’s John Glenn College of Public Affairs 

Todd is a leadership coach and consultant focused on building skills in cultural competence. He has served as executive director for the Student Life Multicultural Center, as a liaison for DACA students in the Office of Student Life, and in multiple leadership and administrative roles in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for The Ohio State University. 

Learn more from Todd to be a skilled, self-aware leader: 
Leadership Certificate for Public and Nonprofit Professionals 

Applications are due Mar. 22.  

The Leadership Podcast

Supporting public service professionals who want to grow in their careers and nurturing their passion for public service throughout the year

Episode 24: Are You a Leader or a Manager?

In this Leadership Podcast, Leadership expert Todd Suddeth explains how a leader uses communication, influence, energy and motivation to show people why their organization’s mission is valuable.

Episode 23: Managing and Leading in a Complicated Collaboration Environment

In this Leadership Podcast, Leigh Anderson, executive director of Cleveland’s Police Accountability Team, explains how she leads her team to commit to and accomplish their critical goals.

Episode 22: Policy Analysis: Ohio Demographic and Economic Trends

In this Leadership Podcast, Alison Goebel, executive director of the Greater Ohio Policy Center, outlines ways the state as a whole could be stronger with differentiated and context-sensitive policymaking.

Episode 21: Building Workforce in a Competitive Environment

In this Leadership Podcast, learn how Erika Clark Jones, the CEO of the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County (ADAMH), leads a workforce that’s a highly demanded superpower.

Episode 20: Recruiting, Retaining Employees When the Going Gets Tough

In this Leadership Podcast hear how Aaron Ockerman, president of Ockerman Consulting and executive director of the Ohio Association of Election Officials explains the strategies election leaders use to improve recruitment and retention.

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