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High School Internship Program (HSIP)

Experience public service careers through a unique internship program.

For over twenty years the Glenn College has helped rising high school seniors in Central Ohio gain hands-on experience within public sector organizations. Earn college credit and experience the value of public service in American Democracy.

Program Highlights:

High school seniors spend a semester interning in a public sector organization (approximately 8-10 hours per week) while earning six college credits through the Ohio State University Academy. 

Hands-on experience is paired with complementary coursework:

  • In Public Affairs 1191, students share their professional learning experiences and develop relationships with their peers. This combined experience prepares a student for the path to their future career. 
  • In Public Affairs 2110: Introduction to Public Affairs, students complete coursework that provides understanding of the process by which U.S. public policy is developed and implemented to solve real world public challenges. Additionally, coursework reviews techniques for providing rational advice to public-sector decision-makers, methods for evaluating the impact of public policies on societal outcomes, and strategies for managing public and nonprofit organizations.

The John Glenn High School Internship Program applications are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Senior standing in a Central Ohio public or non-public high school
  • Minimum two units of high school English
  • Minimum two units of high school social studies
  • High school curriculum and performance (class rank, GPA)
  • College admissions standardized tests: ACT, SAT
  • Accelerated curriculum (Honors, AP, IB)
  • Leadership, cocurricular and work experiences
  • Maturity and professionalism required to complete a college-level internship

**In order to participate students must be admitted to the Ohio State Academy.** 

To be considered for the program, you must complete both the High School Internship Program Application and Ohio State Academy Program Application

First: complete the academy application

Next: Fill out the HSIP program application

You will need to provide:

  • A resume (one page) that outlines your prior work, volunteer, extracurricular experience and other relevant information and accomplishments 
  • A one- to two-page (double-spaced) personal statement that outlines your interest in public service and reasons for applying to HSIP
  • Specific policy and site interests 


  •  Summer and Autumn semester – Feb. 4

Any questions on the HSIP application can be emailed to

Sample of Past Internship Placements

  • Ohio House of Representatives
  • League of Women Voters Ohio
  • Central Ohio Red Cross
  • Ohio Animal Advocates
  • Franklin County Public Health
  • Cities of Gahanna and Dublin
  • Ohio State Bar Foundation
  • MS Foundation
  • United Way of Central Ohio

I am deeply thankful for this extraordinary opportunity and will carry the lessons learned from this experience throughout my journey in making a positive difference in my community and beyond.

High School Senior

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Ohio State Academy (CCP) Program application?  All information regarding the Ohio State Academy Program application can be found on the Ohio State Academy website

I don’t live near Columbus but am an Ohio high school student. Can I still apply for the program?  You may discuss your specific circumstances with the program coordinator, however as both classes and internships are held in and around Franklin County, the primary audience is those from Central Ohio. 

I am interested but am not a senior in high school. Can I apply?  Individuals can participate in HSIP the summer before their senior year, during the fall (OSU Autumn semester) of their senior year of high school. Interested juniors are encouraged enroll in the Ohio State Academy Program prior to their participation in HSIP and to check out the John Glenn College of Public Affairs Democracy Camp as well. You cannot participate after you graduate high school. 

Do I have to have taken the ACT/SAT to be considered for admission to the Ohio State Academy or to HSIP?  You do not have to have taken either standardized test to participate in the program at this time. Applications are reviewed holistically. In the HSIP application just put 0 or NA in those application questions.

Do I have to be admitted to the Ohio State Academy before I apply to HSIP?  You may apply to HSIP before you have received notice from your OSU Academy application but you must apply to both. Please note to participate in HSIP you must be admitted to the OSU academy. 

Will applying to HSIP help my Ohio State Academy application? No. The application for the Ohio State Academy is a separate process, and HSIP is an opportunity that you may take advantage of if you are admitted.  

What happens if I am not admitted to the academy? Can I still participate in HSIP? Unfortunately it is not possible to participate in HSIP if you are not admitted to the Ohio State Academy.  If that occurs, however, we encourage you to also consider participating in John Glenn College of Public Affairs Democracy Camp

Are the classes and internships in-person or remote?  The classes and internships that are associated with the program are primarily held in-person. 

What is the time commitment for the program?  The HSIP program involves both internship and coursework averaging 15 to 20 hours each week during the semester.

Do I have to take Public Affairs 2110 the same semester as my internship?  Students completing a summer internship must take Public Affairs 2110 in the summer. Students completing an internship in the fall / autumn, can take 2110 in the summer or fall. To better manage schedules, most students should consider the summer session of 2110.

What do the classes associated with the HSIP program entail?  Public Affairs 1191 is the course that the internship is associated with, and provides professional development and cohort building, while Public Affairs 2110 provides an academic introduction to public affairs.

Are there any costs associated with the program? Incidental costs associated with the internship program may include daily travel to and from the internship site or campus. A few internship sites offer free parking.

What are the hours for the internship? The exact hours vary from site to site; however, all internships occur during business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and will be between eight to 10 total hours per week. 

Where will the internship sites be located? The location of the internship will vary depending on the site, but will be located in and around Franklin County. 

Will my internship be in-person, remote or hybrid? This will again depend on the site; however, a majority of internships will be in-person. 

I am only interested in a specific organization or type of internship. Am I guaranteed to get that internship? No. All participants in HSIP are guaranteed an internship that gives them exposure to public affairs, but are not guaranteed a specific opportunity. 

Can I secure my own internship? If admitted into the Ohio State Academy Program and HSIP, you are welcome to secure your own internship pending prior approval by the program coordinator. Please note that you are not required to secure your own independent internship. Additionally, already having an internship will not impact consideration for your HSIP application. 

Could your organization use some extra help next fall?

Host a student from the Glenn College High School Internship Program. 

Internship sites that can provide a supervisor, meaningful and educational job duties, and performance evaluations will be considered.