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Dialogue: Rethinking Elections

Event Date
November 15, 2022
6 - 7 p.m. ET
WOSU Ross Community Studio – 1800 N. Pearl Street

With the nation so deeply polarized and candidates racing to their parties’ extremes, some are looking for different ways to run elections and choose those who represent us. Proposals range from top-two open primaries and ranked choice voting to abolishing the U.S. Senate and the Electoral College. This edition of Dialogue will explore alternatives to our current system, which many believe needs major reform.


Gene Krebs, Former State Legislator and Advocate for Ranked Choice Voting

Jen Miller, Executive Director, League of Women Voters of Ohio

Catherine Turcer, Executive Director, Common Cause Ohio

Moderated by: Mike Thompson, WOSU's News and Public Affairs Chief Content Director

Dialogue, a series of thought-provoking discussions about the most challenging issues facing our community and country, is produced in a unique collaboration between the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and WOSU Public Media.