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Dialogue: The Government vs. Social Media

Event Date
April 16, 2024
6-7 p.m.
WOSU Ross Community Studio

Fears of disinformation, foreign data mining and on-line bullying have prompted efforts to increase regulation of social media.  Placing restrictions on private companies allowing users to exercise their First Amendment rights seems to go against one of the core tenants of our democracy.   But as false conspiracy theories spread, young people fall victim to dangerous bullying, and fears of foreign meddling grow, there is a movement to police social media.  

This next edition of Dialogue will examine where is the line between censorship and reasonable protection from disinformation.

What is Dialogue? Dialogue is a series of thought-provoking discussions about the most challenging issues facing our community and country. This program is produced in a unique collaboration between the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and WOSU Public Media.