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Page Hall digital display screens inform guests of the building, as well as Glenn College students, faculty and staff, about programs, events and news of interest.

To add a message to our display screen(s), use one of the templates below.

Each template has fully customizable content areas, so you can build your own graphic with text, event dates, headlines and other important details. The templates have been created in Microsoft PowerPoint for ease of creation. 

Read the digital display policy to ensure your request meets all requirements.

Submit your Digital Display Request

*Buckeye fonts are required for signage templates. Download fonts here.

Template Downloads

the words "event title, date, location," and "one to two sentences about the event" on a scarlet background. Beneath the scarlet box are the words "placeholder CTA or URl" and the Glenn College logo.         
Event Templates



An image of a man walking in front of Page Hall with the words "Course title, course number, course description" and the Glenn College logo next to it.

Course Template



The words "“Add your quote here," and "Quote attribution, event, program or class attended" in a scarlet box above a white box with the Glenn College logo.

Testimonial Template



The words "heading, subheading," and "body copy" in a light gray box above a white box with the Glenn College logo.         
Storytelling Template