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Utilization Patterns of a Food Referral Program: Findings from the Mid-Ohio Farmacy
Social Policy
November 12, 2021
There is limited evidence describing utilization of clinic-based food referral programs intended to support healthy eating for food-insecure patients. To address this gap, this study aims to describe ...
Making Disciplinary-Based Theories of the Nonprofit Sector Accessible for Students: An Example Using a Theory From Political Science
Nonprofit Management
October 02, 2021
This paper, published in the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership, introduces a novel pedagogical approach that helps students understand the theories used to teach about the nonprofit sector...
Ohio Nonprofit COVID-19 Survey: A Report of Wave 3 Results
Nonprofit Management
September 17, 2021
The Wave 3 survey results tell a story of the nonprofit sector’s resilience and contribution, and how organizations rallied during the pandemic to provide new services to new populations and to create...
Public Values and Public Participation: A Case of Collaborative Governance of a Planning Process
Public Policy and Analysis
September 10, 2021
This study, published by the American Review of Public Administration, empirically illustrates the connection between public value frames, design choices, and public participation in a collaborative p...
many solar panels on top of grass
Organized Elite Power and Clean Energy: A Study of Negative Policy Experimentations with Renewable Portfolio Standards
Energy Policy
September 06, 2021
This study, published in Review of Policy Research, examines elite power groups use of Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), one of the most widely adopted clean energy policies in the U.S..
Ethics Education in the Study of Public Administration: Anchoring to Civility, Civics, Social Justice, and Understanding Government in Democracy
Education Policy
September 03, 2021
This study, published in the Journal of Public Affairs Education, argues that teaching ethics should be not only limited to specific ethics courses in higher education nor just embedded as an element ...
A Review of Sexual Harassment Prevention Practices: Toward a Nonprofit Research Agenda
Nonprofit Management
September 01, 2021
This research note uses qualitative analysis to explore the anti-harassment practices recommended to nonprofit practitioners and compares these practices to academic research to develop a nonprofit sc...
Should Managers Provide General or Specific Ethical Guidelines to Employees: Insights from a Mixed Methods Study
Public Management and Leadership
September 01, 2021
This study, published in the Journal of Business Ethics, contributes to our understanding of how communication of ethical guidelines by managers may reduce the likelihood of employee unethical behavio...