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Ohio Nonprofit COVID-19 Survey: A Report of Wave 2 Results
Nonprofit Management
September 04, 2020
This report contains the results of the Ohio Nonprofit COVID-19 Survey, Wave 2.
The Landscape of Community Philanthropy: Navigating Relationships between local United Ways and Community Foundations
Nonprofit Management
September 01, 2020
This report summarizes the roles that United Ways and community foundations play in their local communities, their perceptions of the changes going on in the world around them and their perceptions of...
Neighborhood Disadvantage and Children’s Cognitive Skill Trajectories
Social Policy
September 01, 2020
This study, published in Children and Youth Services Review, examines how neighborhood poverty is associated with children’s trajectories of growth in math and reading skills in early elementary schoo...
Are Foreclosure Spillover Effects Universal? Variation over Space and Time
Urban Policy and Housing
July 25, 2020
This study reviews the spillover effect of foreclosures on nearby housing prices over space and time employing geographically weighted regression, which allows modeled relationships to vary locally wi...
Consolidation in a Crisis: Patterns of International Collaboration in Early COVID-19 Research
July 21, 2020
This study, published by PLoS One, seeks to understand whether a catastrophic and urgent event, such as the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, accelerates or reverses trends in international colla...
Ohio Nonprofit COVID-19 Survey: A Report of the Results
Nonprofit Management
May 04, 2020
This report provides early reactions of the nonprofit sector to the pandemic, including their actions and concerns, to inform policymakers, funders, media, and other decision makers about how to best ...
Gender, Race, and Experiences of Workplace Incivility in Public Organizations
Public Management and Leadership
May 04, 2020
This study, published in the Review of Public Personnel Administration, explores how public employees’ incivility experiences vary across social categories, specifically by gender and race.
Does Temporary Mortgage Assistance for Unemployed Homeowners Reduce Longer Term Mortgage Default? An Analysis of the Hardest Hit Fund Program
Urban Policy and Housing
April 20, 2020
This paper analyzes the longer term effects of temporary mortgage payment subsidies on mortgage default.