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A Dialogue on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Nonprofits
Nonprofit Management
August 01, 2019
This paper, published by the Academy of Management, compares practice-oriented recommendations and academic research regarding sexual harassment in nonprofit workplaces.
International NGO Centralization and Leader-Perceived Effectiveness
Nonprofit Management
July 09, 2019
This study, published in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, explores how centralization, a fundamental structural characteristic, relates to an INGO’s effectiveness as perceived by its own lead...
Timing Is Money: Does Lump‐Sum Payment Of The Earned Income Tax Credit Affect Savings And Debt?
Social Policy
July 01, 2019
This study, published in Economic Inquiry, investigates whether savings and debt among EITC‐eligible families reflect the timing of payments.
Global Science for Global Challenges
Science, Engineering and Technology Policy
June 28, 2019
This chapter, in the Handbook on Science and Public Policy, explores the application of complex systems theory to understand the rapid growth of international collaboration, particularly as it can be ...
An Intersection of Privatization and Public Utility Regulation: The Ohio State University's Energy Concession Agreement
Energy Policy
June 13, 2019
This study, published in Utilities Policy, presents a case of a 50-year comprehensive energy concession agreement by The Ohio State University that generated an up-front payment exceeding a billion do...
The Need for Ethical Leadership in Combating Corruption
Public Management and Leadership
June 04, 2019
This study, published in the International Review of Administrative Sciences, empirically assesses the role of ethical leadership in reducing corruption. 
International Research Collaboration: Novelty, Conventionality, and Atypicality in Knowledge Recombination
Information and Technology Management
June 01, 2019
This article, published in Research Policy, tests for novelty and conventionality in international research collaboration.
The Economic Impact of the Trade Skirmish of 2018 on the Nation and Ohio
March 01, 2019
This brief, published by the Ohio Manufacturing Institute, examines the trade conflict sparked by the federal government’s initiation of tariffs in 2018 to protect the U.S. steel and aluminum industri...