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Ukraine's parliament in war: the impact of Russia's invasion on the Verkhovna Rada's ability and efforts to legislate reforms and join the European Union
The Theory of Practice of Legislation

Dean Trevor Brown and Founding Director Charles Wise published a study of the impact of Russia's invasion on the changing political dynamics that spurred Ukraine's Parliament to pursue compliance with EU requirements.

Consumer Price Effects of Deregulated Electric Generation Markets: The Case of Ohio and the Midwestern United States
Utilities Policy

This study from Ned Hill and colleagues investigates the effects of electric utility restructuring on the cost of generated electricity, increases in the regulated portions of customers’ bills, and changes in customers’ average total electricity price in restructured states relative to similar states that remained regulated.

Who Votes: City Election Timing and Voter Composition
American Political Science Review

Vladimir Kogan studies how moving local elections to the same day as national elections could increase voter turnout and make the electorate more representative.

A Framework to Centre Justice in Energy Transition Innovations
Nature Energy

As part of an interdisciplinary team of social scientists, Chris Rea offers a framework to help engineers and practitioners center justice in renewable energy transition innovations.

Preparing for Food System Resiliency in Ohio Policy and Planning Lessons from COVID-19

Jill Clark and Aiden Irish aim to inform state emergency management responses in order to better prepare for and mitigate medium- and long-term negative social and economic impacts resulting from future disasters and disruptions.

Food System Dynamics Structuring Nutrition Equity in Racialized Urban Neighborhoods
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Jill Clark identifies nutrition equity as an overarching goal for local food systems, which reflects a state of having freedom, agency, and dignity in food traditions resulting in people and communities healthy in body, mind, and spirit. It is a transformative goal designed to spur system-level interventions that further racial equity through improved local food system dynamics.

Introduction to Governance, Government and Public Administration

Jos Raadschelders presents an accessible, student-friendly introduction to governance, government and public administration

The Political Mobilization of Firms and Industries
Annual Review of Sociology

Christopher Rea examines the limitations of investigating business unity without focusing directly on processes and outcomes and then review studies of five types of business political action that offer lenses into corporate power in the United States: engagement in electoral politics, direct corporate lobbying, collective action through associations and coalitions, business campaigns in civil society, and political aspects of corporate responsibility. 

Same Product, Different Price: Experimental Evidence on the Transaction Cost Expenditures of Selling to Governments and Firms
Public Administration Review

Dean Trevor Brown examines whether governments pay more than firms when contracting.

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