“Today, more than ever, our state and communities need leaders who can overcome obstacles. The Public Safety Leadership Academy continues to grow and develop leaders to meet the challenges of modern policing and keep Ohioans safe.”

Tom Stickrath, Director, Ohio Department of Public Safety

The Public Safety Leadership Academy (PSLA) is an 11-week cohort-based leadership course (PUBAFRS 4600) offered by the John Glenn College of Public Affairs in partnership with the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Students are law enforcement leaders from across the state and include State Highway Patrol, officers from local police departments, and county sheriffs. Upon successful completion, graduates receive 10 undergraduate credit hours.

The specialized curriculum includes content in the areas of leadership and ethics; interpersonal and organizational communication; public management and budgeting; organizational theory; human resources management; and organizational behavior in law enforcement. Students also attend enrichment events and executive level development seminars led by distinguished speakers from both the government and private sector.

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