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The Ohio State University and the Glenn College offer a number of annual one-year scholarships, of varying amounts, to current and incoming students.

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The John and Annie Glenn Scholarship is the Glenn College’s premier merit award.

One stellar first-year Ohio resident student is selected to receive a full tuition scholarship over four years, based on a strong commitment to public service.

(Applications are not currently being accepted for this award.)

  • Recipients of the Glenn Scholarship must have demonstrated commitment to public service and academic success, typically ranking in the top fifteen percent of their graduating class.
  • Consideration for this scholarship is dependent upon the applicant’s acceptance to the University and declaration of a Glenn College major (BA or BS degree).
  • Applications are not currently being accepted for this award. 
  • Application submissions will reopen in 2024.

In order to maintain the Glenn Scholarship, students must:

  1. Write a personal note to the Glenn Family detailing their experiences in the program and outlining their goals for the future, one or more times per year.

  2. Be available at least once annually to meet with the Glenn family, should they wish to meet the scholarship recipients.

  3. Attend an annual stewardship event held for Glenn College Board of Directors.

  4. Show a commitment to public service by continued involvement in leadership or service organizations at Ohio State.

  5. Continue to pursue a Glenn College major.

  6. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher.

Funding Information

As most of these are need based awards, students should have a completed FAFSA on file with the University in order to be eligible. Please see the following links for videos on how to complete the FAFSA. Ohio State’s school code is 003090

FAFSA Video 1

FAFSA Video 2

John and Annie Glenn lived their lives with a commitment to public service.