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The WAIP application process is competitive and it’s important to present your best self in your application. Luckily, you can connect with a WAIP Co-Pilot to help guide you through the application process. WAIP Co-Pilots are alumni who have recently gone through the program and are equipped to answer your questions about the application, internship search process and general questions about the WAIP semester. You are matched with a Co-Pilot based off your preferences – check out some of our Co-Pilots below.


Emily Reed

A headshot of Emily Reed.

     WAIP Alumna Spring 2019
     Major: Public Policy Analysis



Emily Reed participated in WAIP in the spring of 2019 and interned with Women in Government, a non-profit organization that supports women legislators. Emily participated in WAIP to gain real-life skills that would prepare her for life after college. She also wanted to live in DC for a semester to decide if it was the city for her post-graduation. Because of WAIP, Emily was able to stay in DC with a full-time position after graduation thanks to the skills that WAIP taught her and the connections she made during WAIP.

Madeleine Haas

A headshot of Madeleine Hass.     WAIP Alumna Spring 2019
     Major: Political Science and Sociology
     Major: Creative Writing


Madeleine interned with EMC Research, a political research firm. She applied to WAIP to gain hands-on experience in policy — not just through a job in the field, but through living and making connections in DC. Madeleine went into WAIP hoping to narrow down her interests, make friends who were just as passionate, and meet new people. Through WAIP, Madeleine gained an unexpected experience in research and a reignited passion for the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights. Because of WAIP, Madeleine made life-long friends and is now a Research Assistant at the Guttmacher Institute in New York City.

Aaron Wang

A headshot of Aaron Wang.     WAIP Alumna Spring 2017
     Major: International Studies
     Major: French and Global Health


Aaron Wang participated in WAIP in the spring of 2017 and interned with the Battelle Memorial Institute on their federal relations team. Aaron participated in WAIP to experience living in the nation’s capital. He describes his WAIP semester like “studying abroad, but for political experience.” WAIP was an opportunity to go from just listening to political discussion from growing up in a swing state, to being immersed in the center of it all- something unique from the rest of the nation. Because of WAIP, Aaron is constantly exploring new opportunities to expand his worldview. He currently works in the nonprofit world full time in DC and will join the Peace Corps post-COVID.

Christopher Hauer

A headshot of Christopher Hauer.     WAIP Alumna Spring 2018
     Major: Political Science and International Studies
     Major: Japanese


Christopher Hauer participated in WAIP in the fall of 2018 and interned with the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. Christopher participated in WAIP because he wanted to challenge himself to succeed outside of a classroom, immerse himself in a policy area in which he was not well informed, and gain skills to help him succeed in contributing to the workforce once he graduated. Because of WAIP, Christopher discovered inner strength he never knew he had, and conquered weaknesses he could not overcome on his own. Today, Christopher serves as the Cultural and Public Affairs Coordinator for the Consulate General of Japan in Detroit.

Andrew Peralta

A headshot of Andrew Peralta.     WAIP Alumna Spring 2019
     Major: Political Science
     Major: Public Policy


Andrew Peralta participated in WAIP in the fall of 2019 and interned in Congressman Tim Ryan’s DC Office on Capitol Hill. Andrew participated in WAIP because he wanted to find a way to expand his resume and learn more about federal policy. Because of WAIP, Andrew got his first job offer before he even graduated. Today, Andrew is a Legislative Aide in the Hawai’i State Senate.