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Exceptional placement rate

Fifty percent of our PhD graduates obtain a tenure-track position within three years of graduating. Ninety percent are employed in a research or teaching job within one year of graduating.

Recent Graduate Placements

Stephanie Casey Pierce (PhD, 2020), Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Tennessee

  • Dissertation: “Investigating the Causes and Consequences of Eviction”

Daniel Brice Baker (PhD, 2020), Visiting Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Appalachian State University

  • Dissertation: “Cultivating Community-Focused Norms in Law Enforcement: Servant Leadership, Accountability Systems, and Officer Attitudes”

Andrew Van Leuven (PhD, 2021), Assistant professor of Community and Rural Development, Oklahoma State University

  • Dissertation: “Three Essays on Non-Metropolitan Economic Development”

Alannah Glickman (PhD, 2022), Associate Director of Civic Engagement, Washington University in St. Louis

  • Dissertation: “New Approaches for Studying Food Environments”

Catherine Chen (PhD, 2022), Postdoctoral Fellow, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

  • Dissertation: “Three Essays on the Design and Responsiveness of Energy Policies”

Yinglin Ma (PhD, 2022), Assistant Professor of Political Science, Eastern Kentucky University

  • Dissertation: “Three Essays on Community Service Volunteers’ Self-efficacy and Learning in the AmeriCorps Programs”

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