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Exceptional placement rate

Fifty percent of our PhD graduates obtain a tenure-track position within three years of graduating. Ninety percent are employed in a research or teaching job within one year of graduating.

Recent Graduate Placements

Stephanie Casey Pierce (PhD, 2020), Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Tennessee

  • Dissertation: “Investigating the Causes and Consequences of Eviction”

Daniel Brice Baker (PhD, 2020), Visiting Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Appalachian State University

  • Dissertation: “Cultivating Community-Focused Norms in Law Enforcement: Servant Leadership, Accountability Systems, and Officer Attitudes”

Andrew Van Leuven (PhD, 2021), Assistant professor of Community and Rural Development, Oklahoma State University

  • Dissertation: “Three Essays on Non-Metropolitan Economic Development”

Alannah Glickman (PhD, 2022), Associate Director of Civic Engagement, Washington University in St. Louis

  • Dissertation: “New Approaches for Studying Food Environments”

Catherine Chen (PhD, 2022), Postdoctoral Fellow, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

  • Dissertation: “Three Essays on the Design and Responsiveness of Energy Policies”

Yinglin Ma (PhD, 2022), Assistant Professor of Political Science, Eastern Kentucky University

  • Dissertation: “Three Essays on Community Service Volunteers’ Self-efficacy and Learning in the AmeriCorps Programs”

Adrienne DiTommaso (PhD, TBD), Research Economist; Social, Economic, and Housing Statistics Division; U.S. Census Bureau

Jin Hong Kim (PhD, 2022), Assistant Professor of Public Administration, Department of Political Science, Eastern Illinois University

  • Dissertation: “Three essays on the adoption, implementation, and normalization of Lean Government (LG) in state and local government"

Charity Scott (PhD, 2023), Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Administration, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

  • Dissertation: "Resisting the deficit framing of students, their families, and communities: An equity centered analysis of K12 education policy and management across macro, meso, and micro levels"

Rebecca Smith (PhD, 2022), Research Investigator, Cecil G. Steps Center for Health Services Research, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

  • Dissertation: Collaborative Service Delivery in Human Service Organizations: Evaluating Cross-Sector Collaboration and Contractual Partnerships


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