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Custom Training

Let’s partner to design what you need.

Our experienced instructors and faculty experts are available to customize a training program to meet your specific needs. Tell us what you want, and we will work with you to deliver the best possible professional development experience for your employees.

Program Highlights:

Made for organizations committed to talent development.

Skill-based training for public and nonprofit professionals at all career levels
Leadership development for mid-career professionals
Advanced leadership concepts and strategies for executive teams


    One-day training on a specific skill

    For more than 50 years, Ohio’s public and nonprofit professionals at all career levels have relied on one-day Management Advancement for the Public Service (MAPS) courses to sharpen their workforce skills, improve performance on the job and reach new career goals.

    Customize your training workshop.

    • 20-200 participants
    • Full-day or half-day options
    • One course or an “expert series” of courses
    • Online, on-campus, or your location
    • Starting at $225 per participant per day

    12-week leadership development course.

    The Leadership Certificate for Public and Nonprofit Professionals is built for mid-career professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree who want to gain practical skills to lead others. Participants earn six hours of credit that can be applied to a graduate degree at Ohio State or another university.

    Enroll your emerging leaders.

    • Individual employees may apply anytime
    • Enroll 20 or more for a fully custom experience
    • Facilitated by an Ohio State expert instructor
    • Online or online/on-campus hybrid

    One-week executive leadership program.

    The Glenn College hosts executive-level, residential leadership academies for senior law enforcement officers and newly elected officials. Participants explore advanced leadership concepts leader-to-leader. The College provides housing, meals, social activities and facilitation.

    Develop your leadership team.

    • 24-30 public or nonprofit professionals
    • 3-5 days with a fully customized curriculum
    • Facilitated by Ohio State expert instructors
    • Housing, meals and classrooms on campus
    • Starting at $500 per participant per day

    We may already have what you're looking for.