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Public Sector Data Science Internship Program

Explore careers in policy research and evaluation. Public Sector Data Science interns work with the Ohio Education Research Center and a partner state agency to investigate policy problems using data-based methods. Built for undergraduate juniors and seniors, this opportunity provides practical experience and the opportunity to put theory into practice. 


Students will engage in a combination of lab training, self-study and work with agency partners.

Students will engage in independent study, building data-based research skills, guided by Dr. Josh Hawley and the OERC team. In addition, students will participate in weekly “learning lab” seminars.

In May, students will be matched with an alumnus from the Glenn College (or other Ohio State department) working in a data science capacity in state, local or federal government. They will meet with the individual to have the opportunity to ask informal questions about career preparation in data science.

Students will be assigned to an agency research office for two months (June and July). Working with an agency partner, they will perform basic and applied research on policy-relevant topics. Agencies might include the Ohio departments of Education, Higher Education, or Job and Family Services, among others.

During the agency internship, students will participate in a weekly seminar with Glenn College/CHRR and OERC staff and faculty. These weekly seminar sessions will provide an opportunity to learn more advanced data science techniques and serve as a “learning lab” where students can get help from staff on ongoing issues that arise in the internship site.

Students in the internship will be expected to participate in the Summer Research Internship Program and present at the Fall Forum in September.


This program is designed for, but not limited to, rising juniors and seniors from a relevant discipline that includes both social science research methods and some basic computer programming skills. 

The selection committee will examine transcripts and prior work experience, and look for a combination of the following:

  • Courses/skills in education policy, policy evaluation and economics
  • Experience with statistical programming (STATA, R, etc.)
  • Experience with other software, such as ArcGIS, QGIS, Tableau, etc.

Preference will be given to Glenn College students who have taken at least Public Policy Analysis, Public Policy Evaluation, econometrics and statistics classes.

For more information contact Josh Hawley, faculty director.