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NEW Leadership Summer Institute

The next generation of women leaders is preparing now.

NEW Leadership is a nonpartisan program devoted to increasing the representation of women in American politics. The intensive, five-day summer institute educates college students on the important role politics plays in their lives and prepares them to run for public office.

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Program Highlights:

NEW Leadership prepares students for the reality of political campaigns and asks them to run for office or work on campaigns and issues that align with their values. Workshops include topics like public speaking, advocacy, diversity and the history of women’s involvement in public life.

Build new skills and create a network of support among current and future leaders.
Designed for college students in Ohio, or Ohio residents attending college outside of the state.
Participants represent different racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, gender identities, and a variety of academic majors, ages and interests.

The best part of the diversity of our group was the opportunities it created to learn from each other. Because we were each different, it allowed us each to be experts on our own experiences.

NEW Leadership® is a national nonpartisan program to educate college women about politics and leadership and encourage them to become effective leaders in the political arena.

EmPOWER Women to Lead.

The Glenn College is committed to nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment for our students, faculty, staff and guests that celebrates the fundamental value and dignity of everyone by recognizing differences and supporting individuality. We are dedicated to creating a safe space and promoting civil discourse that acknowledges and embraces diverse perspectives on issues and challenges that affect our community.

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