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Five-day residential campaign training academy

Connect with others who want to increase representation of women in American politics. This five-day program on the Ohio State campus introduces college students to successful women leaders and strategies to run and win political campaigns.

On the Ohio State main campus May 22-26, 2023 

Program Highlights:

Made for college students who want to run for office or work on a campaign. The only cost to participate is a $50 application fee. Training materials, lodging, and most meals are provided through generous support from POWER sponsors and the State of Ohio Leadership Institute

Build new skills and create a network of support among current and future leaders
Learn campaign tactics, fundraising, media training, and how to mobilize voters
Participants include anyone who wants to his or her voice to encourage change and support diverse voices in elected service

The best part of the diversity of our group was the opportunities it created to learn from each other. Because we were each different, it allowed us each to be experts on our own experiences.

NEW Leadership® is a national nonpartisan program to educate college women about politics and leadership and encourage them to become effective leaders in the political arena.