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Ready to Run Campaign Training

We need more women in public office.

Whether you’re ready to run for elected office or ready to be an advocate for important issues in your community, Ready to Run will prepare you.

Program Highlights:

This nonpartisan conference covers fundraising, navigating the political party structure, media training, crafting a message, mobilizing voters, and the tactics for organizing a campaign.

Build relationships with other leaders who want to hold public office.

Designed for those who want to run for office, seek higher office, work on a campaign, get appointed to office or learn more about the political system
Participants include anyone who wants to use her or his voice to influence change, support diverse voices in politics and create social change by being a leader in the public arena

I don’t think most women feel they have a chance to run or get elected. This event could change their minds.

Ready to Run® is a national network of nonpartisan campaign training programs committed to encouraging women to run for elective office, position themselves for appointive office, work on a campaign or get involved in public life in other ways. Ohio’s program follows the curriculum developed by the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University.

EmPOWER Women to Lead.

The Glenn College is committed to nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment for our students, faculty, staff and guests that celebrates the fundamental value and dignity of everyone by recognizing differences and supporting individuality. We are dedicated to creating a safe space and promoting civil discourse that acknowledges and embraces diverse perspectives on issues and challenges that affect our community.

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