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The 2022 State of Ohio Families: Challenges and Promises

Journal Title Marriage & Family Review
Published Date February 06, 2023
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Authors Lauren Jones


With nearly 80 million families residing in the United States, the health and well-being of families continue to be a popular area of inquiry and research, especially as the country experiences a variety of challenges as well as opportunities in a unique time in its history—socially, politically, and economically. Ohio, like many states, is experiencing changes in the demographic makeup of its population, changes in family formation, gaps in economic inequality and insecurity, housing and food system challenges, substance abuse and mental health concerns, and health disparities. For our review of the state of Ohio families (the first in a State of Families series), we searched local, state, and national databases and websites to aid in describing the current state of both the challenges faced by Ohioans and some of the innovations, programs of promise, and policies aimed at addressing family well-being. Although Ohio continues to face significant challenges, there is optimism for a strong future with much being accomplished through interdisciplinary partnerships, community-engaged research and solution seeking, prevention education and early intervention, and intentional innovations in policies and programs to support a healthy environment to live, work, and raise families.

Kirby-Wilkins, J., Bates, J., Betz, M., Civittolo, D., Fox, J., Jones, L.E., Porfeli, E., Powers-Barker, P., Reister, H., Remley, D., Wapner, A. (2023). The State of Ohio Families: Challenges and Promises. Marriage and Family Review, 59(1), 6-35. doi: 10.1080/01494929.2022.2125480