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Toward a More Reflexive and Deliberative Public Affairs: A Critical Reimagining of Doctoral Training
Education Policy
February 22, 2022
This article analyzes a reimagining of public affairs doctoral training by institutionalizing the socioemotional processes of reflexivity and deliberation in three key areas of doctoral training: core coursework, pedagogical training, and professional development.
Planning toward sustainable food systems - An exploratory assessment of local U.S. food system plans
Food Policy
September 02, 2022
This study, published in Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, is an assessment of government-adopted food system plans in the U.S. that examines which topics, across the three dimensions of sustainability (social, environmental, and economic), are included in local food system plans and conducts an exploratory analysis that asks whether the community capitals available in a community are associated with the content of food system plans.
Sobriety Checkpoint Laws, Fatal Car Crashes and Arrests
Local Government Management and Policy
August 12, 2022
This study, published in Social Science Research Network, analyzes how sobriety checkpoints impact fatal car crashes and arrests. 
Maintaining School Foodservice Operations in Ohio during COVID-19: "This [Was] Not the Time to Sit Back and Watch"
May 14, 2022
This study published in the National Library of Medicine analyzes how COVID-19 related lockdowns affected critical resources for nutritious food.
A Contemporary Reassessment of the US Surgical Workforce Through 2050 Predicts Continued Shortages and Increased Productivity Demands
January 01, 2022
This study, published in The American Journal of Surgery, aimed to predict practicing surgeon workforce size across ten specialties.
Maintaining School Foodservice Operations During COVID-19: The Case of Ohio
Food Policy
June 01, 2021
Published in Current Developments in Nutrition, characterizes COVID-19-related food service adaptations, including impacts on both summer and school year meal provision.
Workforce Data (and Knowledge) Under Pressure
Data Analytics
July 23, 2020
Professor Josh Hawley's work on the effect of the pandemic on public sector data was published in the Employment Research Newsletter. 
Turnover Behavior Among US Government Employees
Public Management and Leadership
May 08, 2019
Published in the International Review of Administrative Sciences, this study examines US government employees’ turnover before and after the recession.
The Role of Education, Occupational Match on Job Satisfaction in the Behavioral and Social Science Workforce
Public Management and Leadership
March 04, 2019
Professor Joshua Hawley and colleagues were published by Human Resource Development Quarterly for their work on examining the education and workforce outcomes of STEM graduates.
Policy Composition and Adoption Duration: Capturing Conflict in the Legislative Process
Public Policy and Analysis
January 17, 2022
Associate Professor Hongtao Yi, Doctoral Student Catherine Chen and colleagues were published in the Policy Studies Journal for their work on the affects of conflicts during the policy process 
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