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Mortgage Borrowing and Chronic Disease Outcomes in Older Age: Evidence from Biomarker Data in the Health and Retirement Study
The Journals of Gerontology: Series B

Stephanie Moulton examines the extent to which older adults use home equity to help manage the costs associated with a chronic disease in older age and how such borrowing can affect their ability to manage the disease. 

Managing Forced Migration: Overt and Covert Policies to Limit the Influx of Ukrainian Refugees
World Affairs

Jos Raadschelders studies the reception of Ukrainian migrants in the EU and United States. 

Gender Differences in Workplace Incivility Experiences and Their Impacts on the Wellbeing and Retention of Women in Law Enforcement Organizations
Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice

Jill Davis, Russell Hassan and colleagues examine higher rates of workforce incivility reports from policewomen versus policemen. Policewomen also report heightened emotional exhaustion and express a greater intention to leave their current positions than policemen.

Support for Democratic Policing among Frontline Police Officers: The Role of Social Dominance Orientation
The British Journal of Criminology

Jill Davis, Russell Hassan and Darwin Baluran study the connection between police officer preference for group-based social hierarchy and endorsement of democratic policing practices.

Preference for Group-based Social Hierarchy and the Reluctance to Accept Women as Equals in Law Enforcement
Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory

Jill Davis and Russell Hassan study whether police officers motivated to protect existing social power hierarchies are more likely to resist organizational diversity and hold more negative views about women's suitability for law enforcement.

Co-Creating Maps and Atlases Rivals: How Scientists Learned to Cooperate Lorraine Daston Columbia Global Reports

Caroline Wagner explores the importance of cooperation in the creation of two major scientific resources.

Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of CO2-Enabled Sedimentary Basin Geothermal
Environmental Science & Technology

Jeff Bielicki's 50th peer-reviewed publication of his career, he was a part of an investigation into the net effects on CO2 emissions of using CO2 from various sources (e.g., natural gas power plants) to produce geothermal heat while isolating that CO2 from the atmosphere.

Ukraine's parliament in war: the impact of Russia's invasion on the Verkhovna Rada's ability and efforts to legislate reforms and join the European Union
The Theory of Practice of Legislation

Dean Trevor Brown and Founding Director Charles Wise published a study of the impact of Russia's invasion on the changing political dynamics that spurred Ukraine's Parliament to pursue compliance with EU requirements.

Characterizing prescription opioid, heroin, and fentanyl initiation trajectories: A qualitative study
Social Science & Medicine

Tasha Perdue describes opioid initiation within each of the three waves from the perspective of people who use illicit opioids, with a focus on emerging pathways into fentanyl use.

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