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Drop in China-USA International Collaboration

Journal Title ISSI Newsletter
Published Date March 01, 2022
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Following reports of withdrawal of Chinese researchers from collaboration with the United States in response to political conflict, we examined publication data among ‘big three’ players, including the European Union-28. China’s rise in global engagement has been well documented (Leydesdorff and Zhou  2005; Zhou and Leydesdorff 2006, 2008; Zhou et al. 2009; Kostoff et al.  2007; Glänzel et al.  2008; Rousseau  2008). International collaboration has been a growing share of the rise, accounting in 2019 for 24% of China’s indexed publications in Web of Science (Cao et al., 2020), and for an outsized share of citations compared to other countries (Cao et al., 2020; Wagner et al., 2015). China bested the United Kingdom to become the top collaborating country with the United States in 2015. Yet, Schüller & Schüler-Zhou (2020) claimed evidence the China and USA were ‘decoupling’ their S&T systems, which warranted a closer look.

Wagner, C. Cai, X. “Drop in China-USA International Collaboration,” ISSI Newsletter #69, April 2022.