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Revising the Academy’s Research Priorities: Methods of the Research Priorities and Strategies Development Taskforce

Journal Title Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Published Date November 20, 2020
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The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as the largest member-based nutrition organization in the world, is dedicated to advancing the world of nutrition and dietetics through research. It is essential for the Academy to identify both current and future research priorities for nutrition and dietetics professionals. To address this, the Academy convened a task force charged with developing research priorities relevant for its members. Specifically, it would define key issues of the nutrition and dietetics profession going into the second century and identify relevant research topics and questions related to the defined issues. The task force leveraged multiple data sources to develop the research priorities. These data sources included existing interviews from a previous Academy event (Nutrition Impact Summit) held in 2016 and answers from an Academy Member Engagement Zone survey. This led to the development of draft research priorities that were included in a more extensive survey e-mailed to all Academy members. Results of this member-wide survey, in addition to multiple stakeholder checks, informed the final Academy research priorities. Thirteen final priorities were established across 4 domains: nutrition-related discovery, clinical nutrition research, implementation science, and public health. These priorities have relevance for all nutrition and dietetics professionals across diverse areas of practice and will be used internally to prioritize research efforts, inform the allocation of resources across Academy units, and guide Academy advocacy for national nutrition research agendas and initiatives. This article will summarize the task force's updated research priorities and detail the 9-step process used to generate them.