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Field of crops
Planning toward sustainable food systems - An exploratory assessment of local U.S. food system plans
Food Policy
September 02, 2022
This study, published in Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, is an assessment of government-adopted food system plans in the U.S. that examines which topics, across the th...
Vegetable garden
Food systems governance should be preceded by food systems diplomacy
Food Policy
September 01, 2022
This study, published in Nature Food, practice by which international actors consider and engage with negotiations that influence the food system has the potential to reframe the global food governanc...
Public officials sitting in a meeting room
Mastering Public Administration. From Max Weber to Dwight Waldo
Public Management and Leadership
August 23, 2022
In this textbook, Raadschelders and Fry provide a singular investigation into the influence of 10 scholars on contemporary public administration as well as how significant their work continues to be o...
People working at a desk
Same product, different price: Experimental evidence on the transaction cost expenditures of selling to governments and firms
August 22, 2022
This study, published in the Public Administration Review, examines whether governments pay more than firms when contracting.
Sobriety checkpoint on street
Sobriety Checkpoint Laws, Fatal Car Crashes and Arrests
Local Government Management and Policy
August 12, 2022
This study, published in Social Science Research Network, analyzes how sobriety checkpoints impact fatal car crashes and arrests. 
two individuals signing documents
A Vacancy Chain Model of Local Managers’ Career Advancement
Local Government Management and Policy
July 01, 2022
Associate Professor Hongtao Yi and Doctoral Student Catherine Chen were published in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory for their study examining the career trajectories of local...
cover of the american archivist
“Active and Vital Resources”: A Thematic Analysis of Congressional Collection Policies
Information and Technology Management
July 01, 2022
Carly Dearborn, public policy archivist and assistant professor, published an analysis of collection development policy language in congressional and public policy archives
damaged silver car
Do Opioid Prescriptions Lead to Fatal Car Crashes?
June 27, 2022
Associate Professor Lauren Jones published a new study on the effects of Opioid prescriptions on fatal car crashes in the American Journal of Health Economics.