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Meet Teresa Lebowitz

I am the Glenn College representative in the Undergraduate Student Government (USG).

As a senator in USG’s General Assembly, I represent the policy interests of the undergraduate Glenn student population, meet with my constituents and cast votes on resolutions in a way that will benefit my constituency. I also write resolutions based on the needs and wants of Glenn students.

I am a third year student majoring in Public Management, Leadership and Policy

I love the Glenn College because it truly feels like a community. Everyone within Page Hall is enthusiastic about their policy interests and willing to transcend great lengths to enact change. Being in classes with such extraordinary people is a constant inspiration for me, and a reason I love representing Glenn Students.

Minors: Security and Intelligence and Classical Roman Studies
Hometown: Garfield, New Jersey
Hobbies: I am an avid dancer and lover of classical mythological art.
Goals after graduation: Attend law school, one day open my own restaurants and move to Dublin, Ireland!

I can help by turning your concerns into policy change.

Glenn students are my utmost priority – whether you are experiencing institutional setbacks or feel strongly about a topic, I am a listening ear to all issues. Based on the circumstances, I can bring ideas to the Glenn administration or collaborate with other senators to write legislation urging the university to enact change. Whether or not the solution comes to fruition, I will make sure your experiences are acknowledged and addressed.

I ran for the Glenn Senator seat because I know there is more to be done. While Glenn students are busy turning their passions into policy, I intend to work with the College to improve issues that fall through the cracks. I want to foster a good relationship between administration and students to address problems with compassion and constructive criticism.

Get Involved in USG

USG is a wonderful place to meet with like-minded people and work on policy initiatives.