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Equitable deliberative participation design: A call to use a lens of multidimensional power
Civic Engagement, Advocacy and Volunteerism
March 31, 2022
This study, published in Perspectives on Public Management and Governance, examines the use of multidimensional power to promote social justice and equity. 
The Three Ages of Government, From the Person, to the Group, to the World
Civic Engagement, Advocacy and Volunteerism
November 01, 2020
This book, by Jos C.N. Raadschelders, provides the information that all citizens should have about their connections to government, why there is a government, what it does, how it does it, and why we can no longer do without it.
Election Timing, Electorate Composition, and Policy Outcomes: Evidence from School Districts
Civic Engagement, Advocacy and Volunteerism
July 01, 2018
This study, published in the American Journal of Political Science, examines how election timing influences voter composition in terms of partisanship, ideology, and the numerical strength of powerful interest groups. 
Glenn College Releases Review of Columbus Response to 2020 Protests
Civic Engagement, Advocacy and Volunteerism
April 26, 2021
In July 2020, Columbus City leaders commissioned an independent, outside after-action review of the City’s response to protests that took place last summer. Former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio Carter Stewart and the John Glenn College of Public Affairs were named the lead investigative team.
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