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I am passionate about

Education Policy.

Kyla Hurns believes every child deserves the opportunity to succeed. The BA program is preparing Kyla to challenge inequities that disproportionately impact some students and communities.
I am passionate about

Civic Engagement.

Dylan Page believes we can make the world a safer and freer place by serving our country and the world.
I am passionate about

Accessible Healthcare.

Sam Feudo, a pre-medicine and bachelor of science in public policy analysis student, believes health care can and should be affordable, accessible and high quality for all people.
I am passionate about

Local Activism.

Combined BS/MPA student Andrew Pierce believes civic education and local activism are the impetus to nationwide change.
Student standing next to ABC sign in gradeschool
Dylan Page dressed in army fatigue, with his arms crossed and standing in front of an American flag.
Student standing outside in front of medical building
Andrew pierce with columbus skyline behind him

Undergraduate Degrees

Turn your passion into policy. A degree from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs is the first step to launching a lifetime of making positive change in the world.

Graduate Degrees

Prepare to lead your team, organization and community to a better tomorrow. Glenn College graduate programs will deepen your knowledge and provide you with the skills to advance your career in the public and nonprofit sectors.

Washington, D.C., Programs

Live, learn and work in the nation’s capital.

The Glenn College’s D.C. office provides support and unique programming for undergraduate and graduate students who want to launch a career in public service.


No. 19 -  Ranked 19th nationally among the 269 public affairs schools in the 2024 U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate School Rankings.

No. 1 in Ohio  -  A full 38 spots above the next highest-ranked Ohio program, the Glenn College is the only public affairs program in Ohio ranked in the top 50 schools.

No. 5 Globally

No. 5  -  ShanghaiRanking places The Ohio State University’s public administration research fifth in the world, and first in the United States, for collaborative, high-quality and impactful scholarship.

Preparing Leaders

96% of our undergraduates are employed or are in graduate/professional school within six months of graduation.

100% of Glenn College MPA, In-Career MA and dual-degree graduates are employed or are in graduate school within six months of graduation.

Six Ranked Specialties

No. 7 - Public Management and Leadership

No. 11 - Nonprofit Management

No. 15 - Public Policy Analysis

No. 16 - Social Policy

No. 21 - Local Government Management

No. 26 - Public Finance and Budgeting

Professional Development

Build your skills and nurture your passion for public service. We are proud to provide a variety of continuing education programs and technical assistance that improve public administration.

Featured Research

The Glenn College’s world-class faculty bring practical experience and an interdisciplinary approach to research, analysis and technical assistance.
Emergencies, Disasters and Ohio’s Food System

This study, helps to visualize and understand how Ohio state government agencies, civil society, nonprofits and the private sector intersect with the food system to respond to disasters in Ohio.

Does Temporary Mortgage Assistance for Unemployed Homeowners Reduce Longer-Term Mortgage Default? An Analysis of the Hardest Hit Fund Program
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

Stephanie Moulton and Stephanie Casey-Pierce analyze the longer-term effects of temporary mortgage payment subsidies on mortgage default.

Peak-Load Pricing with Quality-Differentiated Demand

This study, published in The American Economist, focuses on peak-load pricing and highway tolls.

Conflict and Cooperation Within Police Units: The Importance of Manager Inclusiveness
Public Management Review

This study by Russell Hassan assesses the influence of manager inclusiveness on unit-level relational conflict and interpersonal helping behavior.

Accountability in Collaborative Federal Programs—Multidimensional and Multilevel Performance Measures Needed: The Case of Wildland Fire Prevention

This research explores the nature of the accountability dilemma in collaborative programs and analyzes and illustrates them in the context of wildland fire prevention in the United States.