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Become a changemaker.

Our Bachelor of Science in Public Policy Analysis will prepare you to use data to solve pressing societal problems and build a more just world.

Potential Careers

96% of BS graduates are in a career or pursuing additional education within six months of graduation

Chief financial officer at Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
Director of development at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Legislative analyst, Alion Science & Technology 
Program administrator, City of Columbus

Apply Today

Incoming first-year and transfer students may apply directly to the BS program as part of their application to The Ohio State University. Current Ohio State students may declare the major at any time by meeting with an advisor.


Turning your passion into policy requires extensive training in policy analysis, public finance and economics, plus an understanding of public leadership and civic engagement.

Download BS Course Plan (prior to Autumn 2022)

Download GE Requirements (prior to Autumn 2022)

Download BS Course Plan (Autumn 2022 or later)

Download GE Requirements (Autumn 2022 or later)

*Requirement term determined by first enrolled semester at Ohio State

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Core Coursework

  • PUBLIC AFFAIRS 2110 Introduction to Public Affairs
  • PUBLIC AFFAIRS 2120 Public Service and Civic Engagement
  • PUBLIC AFFAIRS 2367 Writing and Communication in Public Affairs (Prerequisite: PUBAFRS 2110; Only required for Autumn 2022 or later students)
  • PUBLIC AFFAIRS 3000 Public Policy Analysis (Prerequisite: ECON 2001 & GE Data Analysis)
  • PUBLIC AFFAIRS 3500 Public Management
  • PUBLIC AFFAIRS 4000 Policy Evaluation (Prerequisite: PUBAFRS 3000, ECON 2001, & STAT 1350 or above)
  • PUBLIC AFFAIRS 4010 or 4020 Public Affairs Decision Making*
  • PUBLIC AFFAIRS 4011 or 4021 Public Affairs Capstone* (Prerequisite: PUBAFRS 2110, 2120, 3000 & 3500)

*These courses can either be taken in Columbus or in Washington, D.C., as part of the Washington Academic Internship Program.

Economics and Finance Classes

Students must take one public affairs course AND one economics course from the following list: 
  • PUBLIC AFFAIRS 4030 Public Budgeting (Prerequisite: ECON 2001)
  • PUBLIC AFFAIRS 4310 State and Local Government Finance (Prerequisite: ECON 2001)
  • ECONOMICS 4300 Government Finance in the American Economy (Prerequisite: ECON 2001)
  • ECONOMICS 4320 Public Expenditures and Cost-Benefit Analysis (Prerequisite: ECON 2001)
  • ECONOMICS 4001 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Prerequisite: ECON 2001 & ECON 2002)

Methods Course

Students must select one of the following:
  • PUBLIC AFFAIRS 4040 Public Sector Data Sciences and Management
  • ECONOMICS 4400 Elementary Econometrics (Prerequisite: STAT 1450 or equiv.)
  • ECONOMICS 5410 Econometrics I (Prerequisites: ECON 4001 and STAT 2450 or equiv.)
  • GEOGRAPHY 5100 Spatial Data Analysis
  • GEOGRAPHY 5210 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE 4781 Data Analysis in Political Science I (Prerequisite: Math 1151 and one POLITSC course at the 3000-level or above)

General Education

Undergraduate students must complete up to 49 hours of university-approved General Education courses.

Undergraduate students must complete up to 49 hours of university-approved General Education courses. Coursework options for satisfying GE requirements come from a variety of academic areas of study, allowing students to tailor the GE toward their unique academic, policy and career interests.


Capstone Information

Senior year capstone class

The capstone paper may be completed as part of Public Affairs 4011, during participation in the Washington Academic Internship Program (Public Affairs 4021), or through the completion of an independent research thesis. In all options, students have the opportunity to delve deeply into a policy or management issue that is of special interest to them and produce a substantial piece of original research.

Specializations and Minors

The John Glenn College of Public Affairs gives students the opportunity to craft a program fitting their needs through different specialization options, which allows them to focus on a particular policy area of interest or develop a specific skill. Students may fulfill the specialization requirements by completing an interdisciplinary Public Affairs specialization track, an approved minor, a personalized track or a double major.

View Specialization Coursework

Nonprofit Management
Public Management
Education Policy
Civic Engagement and Community Organization
Urban Policy and Management